Really making the BMW 730Li, Sales said: enough with the 258 horsepower

cheaper imported Cars thIs year, partly because of competition in the market, Car companies actively seeking sales prices, on the other hand Is the Car began to spread small-dIsplacement engine, the rate had dropped significantly. Class D previous BMW Audi cheapest Car have more than a million, but now the cheapest around 800,000 could fall, the gap Is not a little bit.

took a group of real BMW 730Li, there Is now the lowest with M Sport Package, BMW sports more and more in control with the extreme.

people more embarrassing Is known as the new BMW 7 Series line comes standard with the M Sport package, but thIs Is not actually the T station 730liM shaped steering wheel, no T-shaped steering wheel M kit always feel less complete. But generally speaking, in cash seven exterior with the interior department has made great progress, open hIs eyes headlights are LED light source, kidney grille Is still classic, the interior Is used a lot of aluminum alloy.

the intermediate

Cortical sutures steering wheel, the overall feel Is not bad, there Is a steering wheel with paddle shift memory.

It Is standard with BMW seven full line liquid crystal instrument panel, low version top speed 260km / h, three driving modes can be switched, the steering wheel the color Will change. The overall design Is less than the Mercedes-Benz integrated LCD screen look good, not as Audi’s integrated multimedia dIsplay technological sense, but as a BMW ad, like “finally pure”, driving more primitive desires.

console 10.3-inch dIsplay more grades, comes standard with GPS navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, BMW has interconnected with gesture control system driving experience feeling pretty good. The entire table top Is synthetic leather, the middle Is solid wood boards, aluminum trim around the circle a lot better than the old models, BMW said in a worst-BBA interior, now really improve a lot before.

in the control key dIstribution are relatively simple, aluminum workmanship Is very fine, feel very good. Fatigue driving reminders main configuration, the front and rear parking sensors, fixed speedCruIse, air suspension, panoramic sunroof, power pull door, trunk induction motor, with a keyless enter key to start, dimming functions outside mirrors.

the entire interior configuration or favorite chicken stalls, not only look good but fortunately with BMW classic 8AT gearbox and each model can be integrated just right, indeed the ability to tune top industry.

BMW 7 Series Is a true D-class Car, the rear space can be imagined, comes standard with air suspension has height adjustment with hard and soft, comfort Is not ordinary family Cars can compare.

said BMW’s poor interior work before, but thIs generation of seven lines with five lines really changed a lot, all the details of the combination of very well, materials and more kind, no longer a single plastic plate.

thIs BMW 730Li It Is regrettable that only 2.0T four-cylinder engine, unlike the previous six-cylinder Is started. Maximum engine horsepower cash 258, maximum torque 400 Nm hundred kilometers 6.3 seconds. Sales Is also very straightforward, said: Although not so smooth six-cylinder, 258 horsepower but sufficient. ThIs Is actually right, one hundred kilometers 6.3 seconds for the home or in terms of high speed Is enough, after all, in addition to reducing the number of cylinders outside the six-cylinder horsepower with torque much worse than before.

2.0T four-cylinder engine

before have to take a lot of fans with the BMW 730Li BMW 540Li comparIson, the BMW 730Li personally think it Is more cost-effective, after all, Is a D-class Cars, but also a net importer, but the engine power Is slightly inferior.

buy a Car, after all, a sub-price goods, you want to buy cheap seven lines, it Is also a matter of course smaller dIsplacement of the original.