Rain water on the trunk of a car, do these two points do not need to go to the repair shop!

while driving on the road we need a dry and comfortable interior space, trunk space Is the second largest Car, while traveling we entered, stuffed with our luggage, to ensure easy journey as much as possible. Return the way we Will bring to the relatives and friends of the specialty, and relatives and friends to share their happiness together.

Yet still there are unexpected storms, heavy rain or after a while after washing the Car, opened the trunk of us Will be a big surprIse:

all wet! Maybe we usually less concerned seepage trunk, burned only after eating such Care to know.

how we want to deal with the trunk leak it?

Since the wind pipe connected to a downwardly sprinkler minutes, and then open the trunk from one week to find a start ring , then check if there Is no left rear, look trim removed there Is no light transmitting point, if play a little waterproof sealant.

can not read? Below small it does not matter how you teach specific operation!

cause of leaking 1: seal

of the vehicle body the entire waterproof seal Is ensured by thIs sealing strip Is a rubber material, which itself has a certain strength and hardness, deformation does not occur under certain pressure conditions, but what we term in air bound to natural aging, coupled with very high frequency causes wear, easily damaged seal, take advantage of the water.

to deal with manual:

In spring and autumn we have to clean sealed times ring, may be slowly wiping with a wet cotton. If you want to experience the Car on hold for a long time, you must remember to do before you hold a thorough cleaning to prevent aging of natural variability in the park. General cleaning when weWill choose talc.

cause of leaking 2: trunk modification

trunk design

are Cars there are certain rules, in a, B, C, D four zones have made corresponding drainage curvature of the design, if the destruction of the trunk shape, so when it came to the rain would trunk serious leak.

to deal with manual:

1, we first need to do Is clean and the water first row, as long as the plunger Is pulled out of the trunk under ok.

2. Check deformed, there Is no tape to see broken, watertightness test, or with light test, labeled with a marker pen cook.

3, buy a bottle of glass, plastic, into the trunk, with plastic sealed We checked out of the leakage point.

4, for most sealing strip of aging, we need to replace the Car repair shop, can also be purchased online Car with the money!

Reminder: things need to be able to maintain good play to maximize their role in life, we should note the following:

1. gently close the door, do not throw violent trunk, reducing the impact Will avoid unnecessary damage. 2. Regular maintenance strip, from time to time it with a towel to wipe clean the dust stains.

Conclusion: how to deal with the trunk leaks, you Will yet!