Quest BMW Service, Technology experience Is the key to good service

Source: Titanium media

Summary: When we focus only on sales, very easy to ignore pressure from the demand for after-sales service, Automotive service chain industry which, the quality of service Is also very important aspect.

In order sales on the success or failure of the US Auto market environment, BMW can be considered a winner in thIs year’s luxury Car brand among, not only in a more leading position in BBA them, its product offensive Is also very fast.

thIs year Is BMW’s “large luxury Car of the year” and “Year X’s” in 2020, BMW’s new Car program, there are 24 new models Will be introduced in the country, when until today thIs program has achieved more than half, including a new X7,8 Series, 3 Series, including many models have landed in the US market.

one hand, the market for exIsting products and service upgrades to meet consumer demand for consumer upgrades; personalized on the other hand Is also exploring new markets and provide in many segments The product.

At the same time when we are only concerned with sales, after-sales service Is very easy to ignore pressure from the growing demand together off and sales. Among Automotive service chain industry, the Car sold Is just the beginning, after-sales service Is good or bad Is a very important aspect, BMW Is also well versed in thIs.

Not long ago, BMW aftermarket innovation and technology experience in California show creativity, activity by an immersive interactive experience, titanium media editors feel from BMW Service in technology and services new way.

activity combined with hot nowadays Room Escape project to “Proxima Centauri mIssion” as the theme, based on BMW Service highlights the chamber to create eight points, every participant inCarnation of “agents “With BWM service innovation and technology and equipment to Win, in short, a few core areas on BMW service.

standard high-tech detection equipment

through the use of innovative technology, BMW and improve after-sales service vehicle diagnostics, conservation and maintenanceRepair efficiency and accuracy, thereby allowing customers to enjoy reliable and professional and technical services of the original, which Will use a lot of instruments.

The aqueous paint colorimeter original BMW aftermarket painting Is the core equipment technician. The device uses blue and white LED light source, no dead angle of 6 to 12 measuring optical path, accurate reading of the color change of the vehicle surface, and the particle size analysIs of texture detail. Digitized toning solutions that help paint technicians to quickly and accurately determine the color scheme, greatly reducing the rIsk of post-color painting, to help achieve the perfect vehicle repair capacity effect, as a new unit clean.

NoIse vibration analyzer (NVH Analyser) capable of operation during the failure of the vehicle, cabin or vibration data collection engine compartment, and based on engine speed, vehicle speed, driving mode, tire size and other variable conditions, the collected shock wave in the normal vehicle wave frequency comparIson, accurate separation of different vibration sources or noIse sources, to confirm fault points to digitizing means to enhance the efficiency of diagnosIs, to help customers save time cost of vehicle maintenance and repair of .

support remote audio-vIsual equipment AR remote support through audition, the first-line maintenance technicians immediate technical problems, transmIssion through augmented reality technology in real-time to more experienced BMW expert group, to achieve “remote consultation” so that maintenance technicians in real-time communication and guidance exclude the vehicle as soon as possible.

In addition to the hardware enables remote technical guidance addition, BMW has developed a service specifically for BMW remote diagnosIs system. The system has now had to communicate technical concepts in Germany, the future Will be introduced in the US market. Based on thIs system, BMW sales technical experts in online customer Issues and troubleshoot remote vehicle guidance systems integration and through dealers and repair appointment parts intended function, arrange follow-up services for customers build a one-stop after-sales service solutions.

service innovation to improve the customer experience

BMW to develop innovative thinking to follow the ever-changing consumer behavior and consumer psychology of change, technology innovation At the same time, a series of services reflect the value of customer Care and improve customer convenience experienceService came into being.

BMW used Car focus rapidly growing customer base, launched the “second-hand Car to go home,” Standard Service – BMW used Car purchase in any channel and holds more than 100 days of individual owners , can enjoy a free vehicle health check, free oil filter maintenance, interconnected cloud APP regIstration Is free and long Wyatt maintenance services, including a series of original quality after-sales service.

In addition, to further help customers save time cost of vehicle maintenance, BMW aftermarket launched the “58 minutes oil maintenance services.” BMW customers through the Internet cloud approach APP, after-sales service hotline, customer service centers and other public numbers make reservations in advance, you can enjoy full priority to shop at the reception, in just 58 minutes, to complete a high-quality oil service and one free vehicle health checks.

to ensure the safety of our customers Car, BMW Is always adhere to the mIssion. When customers encounter an emergency situation, by Car machines, after-sales hotline and Internet cloud APP BMW and other rescue channel initiated call request. BMW Roadside AssIstance team Will bring peace of mind to customers 7×24 hour guard to protect customers’ personal and vehicle safety.

BMW Roadside AssIstance real-time monitoring platform as the eye in the sky in general, able to accurately grasp the position of the accident vehicle at the first time of the call answering, on-line guide customers to exclude part of the fault, in case of emergency can by a strong support team to help owners complete the traffic police, insurance companies, trailers and ambulances remote call, provide a strong guarantee for customers’ lives and property. *

affect service reputation

innovation has always been deeply rooted in the genes of BMW brand, long, constantly BMW providing our customers with quality products and services to meet our customers update the increasingly diversified and personalized needs.

“customer-centric” concept BMW Service Is the underlying logic of innovation, constantly practice, BMW “quality service” for the foundation to “value, convenient, love “as the core, through technological innovation and service innovation doubleUnder-pronged, continuing to enhance the customer service experience.

US Auto industry after years of development, after-sales service market Is far behind the pre-market, more and more attention to after-sales service in the consumer market environment, it Is not only the consumer Is a guaranteed line Is also an important way to compete under the 4S shop, thIs Is a very big “cake.”

In the future, the level of service standards Will become an important strategic cornerstone of the enterprIse, it Will affect the brand reputation, word of mouth Will be reflected in the sales area, which Is a complete chain.

After a pre-sale and after-sales Car prices have done in the same high-quality service, it Will form a positive cycle thIs year, BMW has been able to winter in the Automobile market upstream, after-sales service Is one of the important reasons. (First publIshed media titanium, edit / Li Yupeng)