“PV + Car air conditioning” in-depth look

“PV + Car air conditioning,” the principle, structure and advantages for everyone to do a brief introduction, to know about it!

◆ principle

photovoltaic panels generating original Car battery auxiliary charge, more than a re power supply

◆ configuration

photovoltaic panel + + DC inverter air conditioner controller

◆ advantage

PV without fuel, measured by the actual savings per one thousand kilometers of oil costs about 300 yuan

can also be used flame, 8-10 hours long time, the engine “zero” loss

can be avoided parking open air produce Carbon monoxide harm to the human body

low use when traveling, can extend the life of the engine and the air conditioning compressor

level intelligent control frequency to adjust the compressor speed according to the state of the environment, energy saving; controller undervoltage protection, safe operation, 24V DC inverter, smooth start

providing vehicle other loads adequate power supply

◆ revenue calculation

a moving way to use per year Four months calculated using the cooling function, can save 480 liters of fuel, Car driving on the way to close the master air conditioning, solar air conditioning Is turned on, it can save about 3,000 yuan fuel costs per year.

to use idle for four months each year Is calculated using the cooling function, can save 528 liters of fuel, close the master air-conditioned Car at idle, solar air conditioning Is turned on, you can save about 3,500 yuan fuel costs each year, a year to recover the cost of the product .

◆ System Optimization

the damper structural design a photovoltaic panel

PV + Shroud integrated design

air conditioner indoor unit compact design

air conditioner outdoor unit of weight loss and seIsmic structural design

Is not instantaneous feel “PV + Car air conditioning” very tricky it? Now, “PV +” has entered every household, the system Is both avant-garde and functional, you can think about slightly ~ ~ ~