Province Bao car I saw you in the car repair shop

Yesterday evening stroll on the streets of steaming hot, one day atmosphere greeted vehicle maintenance center, a variety of luxury Cars, luxury Cars of various non-dazzling. But I saw the Car at the entrance to the provincial treasure posters, it Is quite surprIsing, to see

reaction after Xue master inside the store employees and owners spent like thIs

Xue teacher I know you

Xue Bao master of the province’s energy-efficient vehicles, clean exhaust, oil cleaning a significant effect. Xue said the master:

Is not a provincial treasure gasoline, gasoline Is not recommended for use when exactly, it Is a possible increase in vehicle driving dynamics, reduce vehicle exhaust, reducing Car engine Carbon deposits, reduce vehicle fuel consumption of gasoline additives.

Why can not add to a 1: 1 ratio? Just as when in a healthy person, the blood vessel wall lipid plaques are more easily to these fatty plaques in blood vessels, the blood vessels at the bifurcation, it Is easy to form a mechanical stopper ridge, which Is cerebral infarction, myoCardial infarction cause of stroke. Cars and people, just as there Is life. With the increasing age of the vehicle, your Car also in a healthy condition. But, people are fatty plaques, the Car Is Carbon, but the essence Is the same. As the Car treasure province scavenging effect of Carbon deposition significantly, if at first you add fuel with excessive or 1: 1 Is added, it Will cause excessive Carbon deposition cleaning, plus too many traffic lights in the city, at low speeds the oil combustion Is not sufficient in itself, cause excessive soot to clean up down too late to secondary combustion. In thIs case, on the one hand no soot Will paste combustion to the spark plug, the spark plug so that the positive and negative resIstance increases, the spark plug Is likely to cause breakdown, the breakdown Will soon lack the spark plug cylinder; on the other hand, no the soot combustion catalytic powder dIscharged to the filter. In general, with the increase in catalytic mileage of Cars, light or heavy, or has formed a blockage, plus no soot combustion paste powder on the sieve catalytic easily exacerbate the catalytic blocked. So, start adding excess Car treasure province or 1: 1 Is added, it Will cause excessive Carbon clean-up; and cause difficulty in starting or not starting, to poor oil, underpowered, unstable idle speed and other conditions.

after lIstening to feel very reasonable.

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