Prices or less, the election of six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz E320, the BMW four-cylinder or 730?

Mercedes-Benz, BMW has been the biggest rival luxury brands, the saying goes, there Is competition, there Is progress in recent years to update faster and faster Cars, luxury Cars from everyone really getting closer, ten tens of thousands of manufacturing process better than before millions. Many Car owners in choosing Cars are confused, do not pursue a brand itself, Is not required for large models, at prices similar to the case of the election Which Is more cost-effective it?

Some time ago there are fans private letter: Consider the Mercedes-Benz E320 with the BMW 730, the difference between the before and after tens of thousands did not have a good friend said Mercedes-Benz, BMW good friend said, in the end how to choose it?

First we look at the price, the new BMW 730 really cheap, mainly equipped with a 2.0T four-cylinder engine. The Mercedes-Benz E320 Is the entire C-Class flagship, equipped with a six-cylinder engine 3.0T Is priced slightly cheaper than the BMW 730.

on the Car itself, with Mercedes-Benz BMW certainly are good Cars, but both still have no small difference, let’s take a simple talk.

we take the example of BMW 730Li son, seven of the new system comes standard with the M Sport package, the appearance of younger sports, kidney grille, angel eye headlights They are classic. Previously said sit-Benz drive a BMW, but thIs rIses to the level of 7 Series models, open and sit are the best, Is not much difference between the two.

new Mercedes-Benz E class with S stages very similar to the front with a small vertical standard, only dIsadvantage Is that the short body, seven lines are D-class Car, it Is the C-class.

It Is worth mentioning that the BMW 730 Is a rear-drive, four-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz E320 Is, these two exceptions do not know the owners have not taken into account?

before it filed BMW interiors are like poor workmanship Is not as good as with the design of the Mercedes-Benz, but the new seven Department of progress in thIs area Is really very large, whole countertops are sutures cortex, in the control buttons with the aluminum alloy material, 10.3-inch color screen has a large gesture control function. A pity thatThey are: the standard M Sport Package BMW there’s no T-shaped steering wheel?

Personally, there are many BMW interior worthy of note, the whole of the liquid crystal instrument panel, chicken stalls, panorama sunroof highlights, of course, the integrated LCD Benz screen, Huai block paddles are good.

can be said BMW 730 biggest advantage Is that the space vehicle length reached 5250mm, comes standard with air suspension, front and back heating, rear space Is very spacious.

BMW 730Li compared to the Mercedes E320, the biggest dIsadvantage Is that power, Class D imported Car actually equipped with 2.0T four-cylinder engine, of course, let’s be honest to be honest, 258 horsepower, 6.3 seconds hundred mph score really Is not bad, if not a soft spot for the six-cylinder, four-cylinder engine has been sufficient.

we long story short, in general, the BMW 730Li has the advantage of a large space, good chassIs, high-grade. Mercedes-Benz E320L the advantage of high-profile, strong power.

how to choose mainly depends on which side the owners prefer, although thIs price difference between the two Cars, but the Car Is still a big gap.