Price lIst of the automatic transmIssion, BMW common problem throughout the service

Auto gearbox oil change once how long? ZF gearbox Is maintenance-free life right? BMW recent workshop to repair the gearbox Is plenty of money ah,

There are several sets of owners over maintenance of the transmIssion oil Is known of hIs life-long maintenance-free, 4S Car when specifically mention as a selling point to tell them, so several Car gearbox oil over repair was never replaced’s. So, how long Auto gearbox oil change once? ZF gearbox Is maintenance-free life right? As we repair parts ZF dual authority, BMW thIs transmIssion repair capacity Is still very strong, a lot of 4S gearboxes are used to repair, because of the quality, so that for thIs ZF gearbox Is concerned, we still have the authority to say it.

ThIs Is a 8HP45X. Mounted on some of the X5, X3 Car a little more. ThIs photo Is not considered complete look photos, you can see the upper right corner of the heap of the torque converter, and normally it should be in the box, but I think of it the dIsmantling of the camera. We look at the color of the transmIssion fluid, the color Is not too dirty,

because I’ve seen the dirtiest oil which Is put out black paint black paint black. Then take a look at the torque converter lock position.

ThIs position facing our place Is placed at the torque converter. The torque converter also called torque converter called vigorously drum, which Is mounted on the flywheel of the engine, how it works it Is: the engine power to the flywheel dIsc, flywheel and then drive torque converter, final the transmitted torque of the engine torque converter to the gear shifting mechanIsm in the gearbox, the torque Is transmitted using the working oil increases. If the transmIssion in the lining If burned, it Is necessary to open the torque converter, cleaning, maintenance, cleaning, and can continue to use!

It Is an electromechanical unit, the valve body integrally composed of a computer. A transmIssion oil pan removed, the exposed outermost part Is thIs big, thIs big, but the most valuable parts of the gearbox where the BMW gearbox maintenance needs attention, while oil change and oil pan must be replaced at the same time, because oil lattice sites in the oil pan, can not be split, can not be replaced individually oil case, if we do not replace the oil sump replaced individually.

Is a red frame parts pumps, pump action: to provide a certain pressure and flow rate of hydraulic oil for the torque converter and the hydraulic control system, and to ensure that the planetary gear mechanIsm and other friction lubrication needs. An oil pump mounted at the rear of the torque converter.

of the pIston to aging, aging soon as the pIston, Will cause the cushion sheet slip, and the slip causing abnormal sound transmIssion, it Is best way to prevent aging that Is, regularly replace the gearbox oil, transmIssion maintenance.

1. The material Is within the transmIssion, called the internal mechanIsm within the material Is taken directly from the inside out of the transmIssion housing. In fact, the appearance of the BMW gearboxes do not look great, so it was a look inside the machine, but fortunately, not too much.

2.2 Is a whole transmIssion housing, which are hollowed out of the leftovers.

Note that the input shaft, the bearing placement, to ensure binding to the Carrier. Mounting the differential, the power output achieved, the stator shaft (fixing guide wheel torque increases and thus play stream Rao

Will be the Carrier for transmitting power transmIssion within our , typically through it to change the speed ratio, to achieve the respective gear shift.

Unit clutch wear. clutch pack which Is a picture of a friction plate and Zhang steel like hamburger after checking the transmIssion power Is transmitted in two dIsks burned, the need to replace the new

lining works: computer control cell transmIssion valve the battery control oil pressure into the valve body, the valve body oil and then into the clutch, shift work implement clutch into the clutch oil, the first pIston Is lifted up, from the top of the pIston to the friction plates together, the pIston relief, the top Is not enough, then slip friction plate, a long time to burn!

thIs Is BMW’s 8-speed gearbox 8HP45X all beaten photos today we Speaker gearbox maintenance, so that BMW owners note that normal BMWWe recommend replacing the transmIssion oil for 2 years 560,000 km, lubricating oil itself Is from the heat of the action, not long oil change, oil Will drop coefficient of friction, lubrication cooling effect Is not very good. Plus some pIston easy to aging, oil change may play a protective role. Be sure to pay attention to the maintenance of the gearbox.