PPG automotive coatings also require high-level interview with the Times

As the world leader in the coatings industry, PPG company could rarely understand Car consumers. During the current New York Auto Show PPG Automotive Coatings Global Technology Director DennIs Taljan and DennIs Taljan PPG global director of Automotive coatings technology love Card accepted an exclusive interview, told us about the company’s profile and the company’s new technical solutions for the future trend in the Car. The following Is the transcript of the interview:

Question: Please briefly explain PPG the company’s business.

Answer: PPG Is a leader in the coatings industry, global enterprIse. The main business units are focused on paint, 95 percent of its business comes from the field of coatings. PPG Automotive coatings not only production, we all see everyday paint, coatings such as mobile phones, computers coatings, Automotive coatings, Automotive refinIsh coatings, industrial coatings, and aerospace coatings, architectural coatings, are within the scope of business of PPG in. PPG was founded in 1883 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Is currently operational and R & D institutions in over 70 countries, and customers around the world.

PPG vice president, Automotive coatings, Asia Pacific Vincent Robin

Question: Please briefly explain PPG aspects of the Automotive coatings business.

Answer: First, PPG Automotive Coatings business unit accounted for the largest one in PPG overall business services. Second, PPG Automotive coatings in the global market Is among the first. PPG Automotive Coatings business strategy Is accompanied by the growth of all global Car manufacturers. Currently made up of many Automotive paint coating composition, as an OEM partner, PPG can provide all the required paint shop paint, electrophoresIs paint coatings such as Automotive coatings contained in the coating, primers, paints and varnIshes. In addition also includes plastic products.

Why PPG able to achieve the world in the field of coatingsLeading position? In addition to just mentioned, PPG Is more important Is to focus on new products and new technologies. In the field of Automotive coatings, our customers at the time of making Cars, the very strict requirements for the paint, especially in recent years there have been a lot of requirements for environmental protection. Finally, the United States Is the world’s largest Auto market, PPG also occupy the first position in the paint supplier in the US Auto market. PPG through new products, new technology research and development, promotion and continue to maintain thIs position.

PPG Automotive Coatings Global Technology Director DennIs Taljan

Question: In the Automotive coatings business, PPG in approximately a year to launch several new products?

Answer: PPG introduced over 200 kinds of new colors to the global Automotive market every year, these colors are compact process or by compression type process, namely Compact Process, or B1: B2. ThIs compression process can reduce customer construction step, the construction cost can be reduced, so that the construction Is more effective. Compact process for all the coatings, including pre-treatment, electrophoresIs. For example, in the Car before the processing stage, the metal surface of the Car need to be addressed, PPG Zircobond launched before film processing techniques, also belongs to a compression process, its greatest advantage Is to reduce water consumption, to make the process more efficient.

Further, Compact Process i.e. the compression process, refers to paints and varnIshes compression process just mentioned Is B1: B2, a process of compression, but also to reduce the use of tools and more importantly, it did not reduce any of the performance and appearance. For end consumers, when buying a Car has a lot of requirements, requirements such as color, appearance, flashing resIstance, as well as personalization of, PPG OEM in helping to reduce costs, while maintaining some of the original and corresponding performance Exterior.

Some of the most important innovations and new products, for the VOC in the Automotive industry, Will focus on how each layer are upgraded to green products, reduce VOC, meet environmental protectionRequirements.

Question: In thIs year’s New York Auto show, what Car manufacturers and PPG What cooperation?

Answer: Many Auto plants are using PPG products. First, there are multiple clients PPG partners, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, SAIC, as well as the currently most fashionable new energy vehicles, such as Car Weimaraner. In North America, first as to whether we can successfully Tesla also has doubts, and now the US Is the same as with the past Tesla, the United States has a lot of new energy vehicle makers, who in the future Will be the next Tesla also unknown, so we are also working to maintain close attention, support the development of new energy vehicles, all current color Weimaraner show are from PPG.

In addition, in addition to just talking about a new Automobile manufacturing enterprIses, the traditional Automobile manufacturers are also developing new energy vehicles. For example, New York GM, they Motor Show thIs year on new energy concept Car ENSPIRE, the color of its show Car Is designed by the United States PPG, PPG uses the latest paint technology.

for new energy vehicles, it Is very important that the use of lightweight materials on the body, for the body Is, how to paint and protection, PPG Is required and OEM to Carry out joint efforts.

Question: PPG cooperation with the Car manufacturers Is to provide complete solutions for Automotive manufacturers, or only some paint products?

Answer: Car factory has three main modules, one for assembly and welding, Is a painting, one assembly, for PPG, the we are focused on the paint shop, all materials just mentioned, we can give the paint shop available. For paint from the spray, PPG Is provided a liquid, sprayed on the body surface need, including all the coating, not just coating the surface of the Automobile, which requires a lot of techniques. Unlike the general public imagination, and now all the paint coating robot intoAutomated spraying line. How to become a kind of final dry wet mold, which requires a lot of knowledge. PPG now offers online service in many plants, the other from a point of view, Is to help customers. From the way for sales, PPG not be billed per liter, but in accordance with a Car after spraying, by vehicle to pay, thIs Is called CPU (cost per unit), thIs benefit Is to help customers reduce costs, reduce waste, and improve efficiency. But again, how to ensure the quality and amount of costs, we need to provide better service, so now a lot of American Auto plants are using thIs mode the CPU to calculate the final out of the Car, rather than one liter of paint to count so that the requirements of cost and quality, the two sides paint shop and materials suppliers to bear. Our customers, such as New York Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen, Geely, GM, Wuling Is thIs pattern.

Question: In the Automotive field of intelligence, PPG which innovative products Will be launched? Paint industry and intelligent vehicles What Is the relationship? Compared with conventional vehicles, new energy vehicles and intelligent Cars similarities and differences between the requirements for paint?

A: First, for a smart Car there are two more important requirements Is the vIsibility and connectivity. In considering the development of coatings to replace some of the sensor function, such as a received signal, the feedback signal detection, have thIs feature. Because many sensor Is hidden behind the back of the cover of the paint, or vehicle, paint coating must ensure that the receiving sensitivity of the sensor.

Second, PPG easy to clean, there Is a varnIsh, it has the advantage, even if ambient conditions deteriorates, sensitivity of the sensor can be ensured.

In addition, the direction of new applications developed for the internal coating. Automotive interior paint mainly for protection, the new energy vehicles Is mainly to protect the battery. PPG predicted that future Cars Will be like a computer, the situation between the electronic component mutual interference may occur, PPG’s coatings can help to Isolate or reduce these dIsturbances. Another new development Is the direction of the sound or noIse direction. Different Cars have different engines orSound performance, PPG provides coatings, reducing vibration and reduce noIse.

Question: These techniques mentioned above, Is already in volume production, under development or in the planning?

Answer: The first generation of these technologies are already in use, the second generation product development Is working with a number of Car manufacturers. PPG for the next 20 years there Is a corresponding product plans, the most basic requirement for new products, can not impair the performance and appearance. PPG has a lot of R & D laboratories and research institutions in the United States and Technological Development Zone in Tianjin, there Is such a laboratory to develop new products, because the United States Is the world’s largest Car market.

Question: Please briefly explain PPG application introduced new products in the United States.

Answer: PPG has a pre-treatment product called Zircobond, can be used in traditional and new energy vehicles, including New York Beiqi new energy vehicles, New York GM’s new energy vehicles. Development of new products for Automotive coatings, and the other driving force Is the requirement of environmental protection, treatment products before just said Zircobond, in addition to reducing the amount of water used, it also has phosphorus, free of heavy metals and other environmental advantages. For new product development Is concerned, PPG Is more focused on promoting the use of environment-friendly products.

Question: How much weight coating for the role?

A: Function paint, not to say to reduce the body weight through the paint itself, but the coating can be applied in some lightweight the material, such as aluminum, plastic, such as noIse reduction materials just mentioned, these materials can help reduce the weight of the vehicle, rather than a single finger to reduce the weight of the paint material itself.