Popular small car knowledge, do not add seats to seat covers, how to see the position of the tank

Cars has become more and more essential household transport, but little knowledge about Cars but few people know, such as high-grade seat not to install seat covers, how to see the dashboard fuel tank location And other Issues. To help some owners and friends better understand their own Car, thIs time we bring you a few little knowledge of the Car for everyone. Well ado, we together look.

a high-end seat or not to install seat cover

On thIs Issue, there are a thousand eyes one thousand Hamlet.

support the installation of some of the people feel that they are usually bought the Car, all leather seats, seat covers if not, then the long run dirty, broke supposed to die.

against the installation of seat covers crowd, the biggest reason Is because the internal seat airbags are installed, if those added interfere with airbag deployment, seat covers, then, in case of an accident on the road, that’s a very dangerous thing.

So my advice Is not installed on the seat cover can try not to wear, after all, Is to secure first place. In addition to safety thIs point, the original seats have little benefit. Manufacturers give us equipped with leather seats, it Is to enhance the comfort of the Car, and the original seat but also to ensure a certain amount of friction, safety and experience when compared to most Car seat covers for better protection of road .

Of course, if you must install seat covers, it Is not impossible, we must choose the regular, worthy of recognized brands, while reserving the safe choice the position of the airbag and can provide some friction seat cover on it.

Second, what to do when the front windshield snow

for the majority of domestic Car owners, parking They are often open-air environment. Well, we certainly encountered snow in the winter, there Is too much snow on the front windshield, the vehicle needs to start blowing snow trouble. At thIs point, if your Car has an Automatic wiper function, then before starting the vehicle Always turn off the rainScraping function, or after the event the vehicle Is powered Automatic wiper work, chances are it Will damage the Car’s wiper motor.

Third, the co-pilot airbag can close the

Then, I come back tell a cold knowledge. How many people know the glove box or center console in front of co-pilot in the far right there Is an airbag device Is turned off it? Of course, thIs feature Is not blind to bear children to play, but usually for children sitting on the child safety seat Is designed, after all, met the accident, the air bag can cause secondary damage children’s pop-up, so the need to manually put Deputy driver airbag off.

In addition, if usually only the owner of a person to drive, in fact, can also airbags closed because of the accident, less a balloon pop-up, on behalf may be less not to spend a penny. But more importantly, if the Car has a child, a child seat or on the back of good.

Fourth, how to adjust the height position of the seat belt

Since the seat, steering wheel position can be adjusted, belt position naturally can be transferred.

In the design of the belt manufacturers have generally been considered a problem of the height of each owner seatbelt, the adjusting belt pull grooves of the column B, the upper and lower belt are designed the limiter function, as long as the location for their adjustment to the sitting position, then the relative can get a more comfortable experience.

Fifth, the see how the position of the fuel tank

different Cars, tank fill mouth position Is different, most Japanese Cars are usually on the left, while Germany, the United States and other brand models are usually on the right. However, for your own Car, you must be very familiar with, but our lives Will inevitably encounter by Car, Car rental and other things, then how do you know thIs borrowed sitting in the Car, fuel tank position Where a rented Car side of it?

here to tell you a little trick, we can usually find a plus in the dashboardPetrol station sign tank, but it left or right of the icon has a small triangle, a small triangle icon which side, it shows the fuel filler position in which side of the Car, Is not very easy to dIstinguIsh it?

Summary: saw these little knowledge, if there Is some help for your Car yet. If you know what aspects of knowledge about Cars, please tell me by way of mail.