“Po-BMW 4S shop,” Ms. Linfen, a newly purchased BMW car actually had 15,887 yuan maintenance services

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Ms. Linfen a newly purchased BMW Car actually had a 15,887 yuan “maintenance services”, what happens? buy a Car thIs Is a happy thing, however, Linfen, a lady bought a BMW, but gave birth to a stomach gas. A few months ago, Ms. Mu Linfen hire purchase a BMW sedan, after the Gaoxing Jin, she worked up the bill when all the Cars, and even found a piece of 15,887 yuan “labor service fee” invoice, how Will labor maintenance costs of new Cars, which makes Ms. Mu baffled. Ms. Mu do in the local tourIsm business, usually busy working, failing Carelessly, could not think how to think in the end thIs thousand dollars spent on what. have a friend to help call the customer service phone BMW Headquarters, did not get any response. Please help us to see friends who, in the end what Is the situation?

Source: [Shanxi colorful invasion puncturing]