Peugeot 307 start no response, repairman repair methods, so that owners understand a little dazed

Car after a period of time, Is bound to be some problems in the use of a fault, the fault caused the problem there Is always a source of hundreds of different factors, some failures occurred in the next plane, Car repair master one can see where Is the problem, but some failure Is the presence of dark, particularly when some of the failure problems caused by external factors, but also test and maintenance experience and skill level of the repairman. Here we come to understand a case of such a failure, look at how the repairman Is resolved.

A few days ago in the afternoon after work, repairman Dongfeng Peugeot 307 Car owners received a rescue call, according to the owner description, vehicle now parked in the dIstrict there Is a problem starting vain, let the repairman to come under examination in the end Is where the problem, the repairman to bring rescue equipment rushed to the scene. We can see from the chart below, although the life of the Car a little old, but the owners take Care of the interior Is quite clean.

Car repairman on the next test starts, the repairman found the vehicle was not always start vain, but good times and bad, sometimes start it nothing happens, sometimes it Will be able to start the Car, but the vehicle Will not start with the idle a few minutes Will Automatically turn off. At thIs point repairman empirically determine the problem should be out on the battery. FIG green region Is the Car battery mounting position, the battery Is also wrapped in a protective shell.

has substantially the eyes repairman repairs direction, decided to check the battery, when the battery Is removed repairman to the housing, substantially to determine the root cause of the problem, the battery’s negative terminal post, found severe corrosion, repairman introduction, the battery thIs phenomenon Is caused due to the leakage of the battery electrolyte. As shown below;

standing next to the Car owners a little dazed puzzled, and asked repairman, Car batteries thIs problem Is what causes it ? Repairman said battery pole position of corrosion phenomena, because under normal circumstances, due to electrolyte leakage, when the electro-hydraulic contact with metal Will occur chemical reaction yield corrosion. These corrosionIn the absence of electrical conductivity, and therefore Will make battery cable and battery post bad phenomenon, and thus would lead to start the vehicle does not respond, or the good times and the bad start failure. Can be seen from the figure, the line Is dIsconnected battery aftermath corrosion still very much.

owners to ask the repairman how should thIs be handled? Repairman said when he brought out a number of commonly used rescue tools, but now it seems simply do not have access, you go to your house burning a pot of boiling water, the way to take a dIsposable cup can be, the owner first heard dIsposable cups boiling water and also repair, I express a little confused, after about 10 minutes, the owner put the kettle over. As shown below;

Next, the repairman the water poured into the dIsposable cup, the battery of the negative electrode being immersed into the water. At thIs point repairman introduced corrosion on the battery after hitting the hot water Will Automatically fall off, in fact, it would be a basic repair tips, our owners should be aware of, because there are a lot of owners, which Is not We understand that the sinIster business in the repair of such failures, and finally can continue to use to replace the battery out. Shown below; which Is being soaked repairman battery negative line. After

The negative battery cable repairman treatment clean battery terminal post, and again left in the vicinity of the battery pole corrosion were treated; and then repairman told the owner, in order to prevent future recurrence of such a failure, so when the owner can free the repair factory, go down to the terminal post smear some rust inhibitors, since the battery terminal post so much less prone to corrosion phenomenon. FIG. ThIs Is the repairman processed after the battery pole.

Finally, a Car repairman repeatedly test to start the vehicle every time you can easily start the vehicle, which proved that the failure has been completely resolved, the owners were very satIsfied with the service thIs time! Peugeot 307 start no response, repairman with a pot of boiling water to solve the problem, the owner of a little incomprehension, we understand the owners simply lower the entire repair process can be!