Personal experience to tell you, BMW 4S shop hit something after six months of phone found

the original: a little boy

Housewives: April 2016, a little boy began to engage in the Automotive industry, although it Is properly properly liberal arts students, but for the Car it Is already on a deep fascination, especially for the Car’s interior structure of the environment you want to find out. Three years, did Auto repair shop beauty, now BMW 4S shop tenure of thIs writing, just wanted to share a little boy holds many lessons for people today recognize that for some mIsunderstanding 4S shops and Auto repair shops.

Let us look at some cases (thIs Is a small man in a BMW 4S shop hit six months of phone singled out a few more classic)

BMW 5GT 2010 model year 160,000 km of second-hand customer Chen (of surname) first, Mr. Chen to start a used 5GT, due to the purchase when not to 4S shop Carefully checked for condition does not understand, I checked at a friend’s Auto repair shop or do not trust, decided to enter the 4S shop full inspection. HIs heart began to prepare for a heavier, he told us that the exIstence of some of their own problems, such as abnormal sound, weakness and so on, until we examination found serious oil spill, so the phenomenon crank ventilation valve leakage hIs Car, after the offer because the price Is relatively high, Chen Is choosing to act only after the oil service left. Expects over half a month, Mr. Chen once again to me, he said he was at a friend’s shop to clean the throttle, brake fluid replacement, but he felt that those oil project involves the engine, or to the 4S shop to get Although a bit expensive, but rest assured, guaranteed. BMW 320li 2016 under 30,000 kilometers customers Tang (of surname) When Mr. Tang was called, he said three years ago, suffered hIs factory fire, suffered heavy losses, the vehicle Is mortgaged, recently re-opened, he said that if the maintenance of it, I still would choose to return to the 4S shop, more secure, though Will be expensive, but I do not want to save a few hundred dollars , to use hIs own life a joke, but since we can afford, you can support it. (Tang blessing better and better future) The case Is perhaps more than you think I have to say4S stores of good things, that I work here, have been brainwashed. However, the small man to tell you, little man Is an adult, have their own knowledge and judgment, and Will not be easily brainwashed and left, but with their own hearing, seeing to share with you.

now most owners cognitive 4S shop only one word: pit. As well as by some fellow detractors, such as when the Auto repair shop maintenance, Is not often hear: If you go to the 4S shop, sure to make you change, do not change, then what Will happen how, and their technology Is not necessarily good then the price Is also very expensive. If you change with me, as long as half the price on it, you can guarantee repaired. Then you really believe that, because you “think” Is not only save a lot of money, you can also guarantee repaired. However, when you are in the 4S shop repair, you take the price comparIson garage for up to hear the sentence: they are usually cheaper, because their parts are not original, there Is no guarantee. You rarely hear people denigrate 4S shop Automotive beauty shops, because fratricidal, each have their own good. Of course, the little boy does not exclude the fact that these are not, as some media exposure in recent years, things do exIst in some 4S stores, small man can only say that a mouse droppings, broken gruel, and then spread through conscientious, exaggerated, gradually everyone cognitive 4S shop on the left of the “pit.”

a little boy to admit that a lot of time to 4S shop, only to change without repair, but now more and more customers demand, 4S shop also with the times change change, they have to survive, as long as the Auto repair shop can do, 4S shop can do, can repair. the following data for everyone to see, Is a small man collected to compare the difference between the 4S shops and Auto repair shop from the environment, technology, accessories and price factors at a glance.

From the environmental standards, and, 4S shop win 89%;

From the technical level for, 4S shop to win 79%;

for the matching accessories, 4S shop to win 91%;

However, the price, the Auto repair shop to win 85%.

summary sentence Is: 4S shop when the environment, technology and accessories are far ahead, or lost in the Auto repair shop on price. ThIs Is also the 4S shop customer churn one of the reasons.

but a little boy here also summarized the reasons thIs happens:

Back in the 4S shop maintenance, you can often get a special surprIse things: First two pages of quotations. First you have to be intimidated by thIs air space, the natural heart to have to exclusion, Will naturally think back to the 4S shop Is to burn. After obtaining quotations, because vehicles do not understand, do not understand technology, has been back to see the total price, the feeling could be done, trampled upon, and not able to see reason What Is an emergency, which Is just a reminder (of course, thIs Is also a big reason the service has a relationship with consultants and workshops offer 4S shop, not clearly marked and can inform customers). In fact, think about it, if every one of us owners have to have some basic understanding of their own Car, in time to see the quotation can be rational treat, first select an emergency, even if more expensive, Will choose to repair and replacement in the 4S shop, after all, has a factory certified, guaranteed, it Will not appear because the price reason, ignores the other three factors, and there are gambling ingredients. Of course, the little boy not to say that technology Will not do Auto repair shops, small men have seen good technical maintenance of the master, but the master of the High wages are high, most do not want to spend high-priced Auto repair shop please, would rather invite some apprenticeship or moderate master in the store, and you do not understand the situation, Is also possible in the move, because men have seen little to lose and then back to our repair service owners out here, so if we go to the Auto repair shop, to choose regular large shop, to provide the best service teacher qualification certificate, Issued invoice lIsts, spare parts, then you can be relatively assured of the Car to them.

I hope you read thIs article, canHave enough ideas, do not have the Car to the 4S shop or Auto repair shop, they know of some, he Is king. Internet information Is now very much, and very transparent, a lot of the information you want to know, can be found on the network.