Paint What do you know? How to paint the car maintenance?

paint as people’s clothes, as the saying goes, “clothes make the man, horse saddle”, a beautiful bright clothes people can radiant. The same paint color can enhance the value of the vehicle. In spite of many vehicles it Will be overshadowed after a period of time, and some Will even yellowed, seriously affecting the color value of the vehicle. So to paint you know how much? And how to Care for their Car it?

The main role Is to paint the vehicle body structure to prevent corrosion, corrosion, high temperature, pollution, also has some impact action, but also on vehicle there are beautiful role. Paint Is mainly composed of a primer layer and a protective paint. No matter what kind of paint, if the sun and rain for a long time, there Will be color fades, some Will even yellowed. In these cases in order to avoid the paint, it Is generally added in paint light stabilizers, anti-oxygen and other additives to extend the life of the paint. White and black paint in terms of durability with respect to some of the other vehicle Will be more durable, so black and white vehicles accounted for a large part, followed by silver and gray.

Is primarily to protect the paint and aesthetic effects, since the raw materials and components used in paint are not the same. So the paint Is divided into ordinary paint, metallic paint and pearlescent paint. Different components of the paint used Is different, and therefore have their own advantages and dIsadvantages. Ordinary paint should belong to a relatively poor finIsh Is not high hardness, easy to scratch. Metallic paint due to the addition of metal powder in the raw material, and therefore relatively high hardness, or else easily scratched. Pearlescent paint Is added in the paint or pearl mica powder, so the color value Will be higher, but also appears to have a pearl-like luster.

paint directly exposed, it Will inevitably lead to a variety of rub in everyday driving, if there has been damage to the paint, then it must be timely repair, as thIs may lead to corrosion of the body. If the scratches can generally use their own up painting to repair, and then polIshing can be, but need to remind you that the same site several times not to be polIshed, as polIshing Will reduce the thickness of the paint, resulting in the loss of body paint protection. If it Is larger and less deep scratches, then you need to go to a professional repair shop.

paint routine maintenance and repair Is also essential, good maintenance can allow vehicles radiant. First Is the need for a reasonable Car wash, not too much too often, nor too long to wash, wash optimal frequency Is once a week. If the vehicle there have been some small hanging small rub, lead paint scratches, then the timely repair. The other Is the paint regularly waxing, sealing glaze, thIs can form a protective film on the vehicle body, effective protection paint.

Summary: Of course, when selecting paint should try to choose a good paint, but for some ordinary vehicle or ordinary paint to use, but as long as usual well maintenance, even ordinary paint, it also allows radiant bright paint. If the paint Is not good for maintenance, so a long time Will be eclipsed, and even there Will be situations such as cracks. So to cultivate the habit of maintenance of paint, regular paint maintenance and repair to ensure that the Car “panacea.”