Opened the car air-conditioning, you can smell a musty smell, how to eliminate?

summer to a rIse in temperature, driving a Car, regardless of morning or go out at night, you can feel the heat wave rolling out the window. ThIs time, open the Car air conditioning, enjoy cold cold wind blowing, how many points can eliminate boredom. However, many people open the Car air-conditioning, encounter such a situation, air conditioning in the wind blowing out to hide a musty smell. Imagine, when the windows closed, the air conditioning blowing in the face of wind mixed with the musty, how Is a dIsgusting thing. So, musty exactly how to produce? And how to eliminate? Next, the Car industry topics for Weapon for everyone.

Why produce musty air conditioning?

occurs such a case, because 90% of air conditioner evaporator has a mold growth.

First, when the vapor in the air by the air conditioner evaporator Will condense to form droplets blade, can absorb the condensed water thereby leading portion of the impurities in the air in the cab and dust. If the Car with the regular air or in a bad lot of dust, the dust and impurities in the air are adsorbed some filter screen, filter through some suction on the evaporator. And drops of water on the evaporator Is sometimes not had evaporated, moIst environment together with the dust particles, a long time, it Is prone to mold and mildew.

especially if you do not often use air conditioning, air conditioning evaporator above impurities accumulate very much, so the open air, you can smell an unpleasant musty.

then the Car air conditioner which bacteria because bacteria can mold it? After medical tests showed that air-conditioning inside the Car generates Aspergillus, Penicillium and other female mold and fungus harmful to human health. These fungi can cause headache, fever, sudden sore throat, tonsil infections, asthma, flu-like symptoms, dermatitIs, and difficult to heal wounds and other adverse reactions. Therefore, air conditioning mildew, must be timely to find a solution!

how to remove the musty?

1. Replace or clean air filter

Normally, an air conditioner filter originalThe core of life Is one year or 30,000 km, it Is too long to use it, the more prone to odor. The air filter removed, air conditioning need to blow off the dust with a cell surface air gun, if dirty, it can directly replace a filter, inexpensive, basic tens of dollars can handle that.

2. The clean air duct

periodically replace the filter may be dirty air block outside the vehicle, but if dust and mold appeared in the air conditioning system, you need to use the air-conditioning duct cleaning agent to clean up. ThIs time, certainly beat some of the strong hands of a small partner.

There are many cleaning agents used to clean up the air-conditioning duct on the goods market, the cost of these air-conditioned dIsinfectant to eliminate odors from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, the owner may choose according to their needs, regular “preventive maintenance” for the Automotive air conditioning. Cleaning air conditioning ducts, first find the mounting position of the air filter, the cleaning agent from the filter position into the dIscharge duct, to the highest gear and the open air, and simultaneously open the windows of several minutes, effective to dIsperse the odor.

3 With fan high gear operation and ultraviolet sterilization

If the driving process, the air conditioner produced only slight odor, thIs time do not have the trouble of dIsmantling air conditioning. The owner can select a sunny day, the vehicle Is parked under the sun, and adjustment knob to warm gear, and then the air volume at the highest gear, so that the window opens all doors dirty air into the room. In so doing we can take advantage of natural ultraviolet dIsinfection, but also can effectively clean up the dust in the wind tunnel, a ten minutes the sun Will effectively remove the Car air conditioner smell.

Of course, some owners do not know Why produce musty air conditioning, Will choose to use some perfume to cover up the smell, but does not know that such a temporary solution, coupled with musty suck into the body also has a lot of harm, often more harm than good. Therefore, there Is air conditioning moldy smell, it Is recommended timely treatment in the right way, but also a clean and comfortable interior environment.