Opened 10 years car found car tires “secret”, you know it must be a master

Cars as people essential travel tools, usually we are not only responsible for driving the Car for knowledge ignorant?

as a Car tire “legs”, it Is one of the most critical parts of the vehicle, tire problems, Will bring us very serious consequences, in addition to the tires have “legs” as an important position, the tire also enjoy the “legs” of the same delicate, we need good Care of it, love it, so as to guarantee our safe travel.

we talk about tires secret to victory today.

First, see how the tires production date?

has a string of numbers on each of the tires, such as “1117”, “2919 ”,” 3017 “, the first two digits represent the number of weeks the latter two figures represent what year, with “2919” for example, means that it represents 29 weeks in 2020, before even remember the numbers represent the week, not month Oh.

second, how often to change a tire?

As we all know, tire during use Is constantly worn, in general 4S shop staff Will tell you that the tires three years to replace one, or driving to reach 80,000 km need to be replaced, also suggested that the tires as long as there Is no wear and tear can be more than a few years with it a 7-8 years are possible, it Is not true, tire rubber products Will have a period of aging, long time, it Is easy to puncture.

then How often to change a tire the most economical and reasonable? after all, the price of tires Is not cheap.

If the tire severe cracking (tire side there Is a small crack), and the crack depth of 2 MM, the change of the tire at thIs time.

Further, there Will be 4-5 pits on conventional tire, in the middle of pits, there Will be an odd protrusions 2-3 matter, these projections stuck in the pits, the tire wear Is an indication, if you findThese points have dIsappeared, it shows that your tires changed.

Finally, the surface pattern Will find comparing the pattern of the tire, the tire Is normally lower than the small grid pattern, here it Is described to exercIse the tires changed. While no change Is also OK, but fuel consumption as well as handling, braking capacity Will be decreased, driving on the road Is not very safe.

Thirdly, the numbers and letters on the tire What does it mean?

letters on the tire a lot, some of the letters we particular attention, the other Is the brand of digital like, you can ignore for the time being.

shown above: 225 / 60R18 100H

225 representative of the tire width, 60 represents ratio of the height and width of the tire, R represents a steel radial tire Is a tire (radial portion of the tire Is representative of “radial tire”, or D represents “Bias tire”, or B represents “a belt of the tire.”) representative of the tire 18 the hub, which Is behind the inner diameter 100 represents the load factor, 100 Is 800 kilograms, H Is the coefficient speed, H represents the highest 210km / h speed.

Now we all know that several important factors to tire of it? Are not we did not know before?

victory to remind our friends, we must not speeding, really too dangerous, safe travel, civilized driving!

opened a small victory before the van came running over 160 kilometers, no one has opened small series of fast right estimate? Now think of all the waves of sCared ah, do you think I drive faster? Welcome speech interactive Oh!