Open luxury car can be “arbitrary park”? Spray paint the word Is worth mentioning, the owner: dare

as the country continues to enhance development, now our standard of living Is becoming better and better, while demand aspects of life also has increased, I believe we have witnessed to weekdays, increasingly more and more people are beginning to became Car owners, while the Car as a relatively high price of goods, which Is enough to see that in recent years, people’s living standards have been improved. Of course, the Car Is not just a symbol of identity and status, it Is more practical to use by people well, although city buses Is now more developed, but have Cars of their own Car Is really aspects, fast it! Let us save a lot of travel time!

but have to say Is that, for an increase in the Car, which gives us life now but also caused a lot of problems, according to statIstics that do not Wan, U.S.’s Car ownership has reached about 300 million, today’s urban road traffic jams occur, traffic accidents are relatively common, and thIs Is also U.S.’s relevant departments in the introduction of the new policy, which many owners, the problem Is not these small traffic jam it Is worth mentioning, but parking, parking Is difficult must have been the common aspiration of many owners of the bar! For now the police investigation not only of strict penalties for illegally parked are also more and more serious, but nonetheless it Is not enough parking spaces, each home to grab parking spaces just war, like, one second delay did not dare.

For there Is no parking, you can only find a place to temporarily parked everywhere, but parking chaos Will not only be ticketed, there may be Is to be retaliation for the surrounding residents, no matter what Car you drive, even open a luxury Car you can not arbitrarily stop, take a look at the picture above the Car, it Is due to come home late but can only speak parked in the area inside of the way, but a lot of Cars and the basic flow Will pass through here, even at night there Is likely to hit, to thIs end, I do not know who Is calling the proposal to the owners a lesson, spray paint the word Is not worth mentioning , Will direct the film Is to use the entire Car and roadside street tied together, and when the owners see thIs scene reluctantly said: next time no longer afraid.

to give the owners of the lessons Is as it should be, had the Car Will not stop here, but he just parked the Car come in here, I guess thIs road Is the emergence ofTraffic jam or a different crowd, etc., so the owners also received such lessons. I believe before we all have encountered such cases, as to the illegally parked Car splashed paint, spray word, etc. are also there, but these are not worth a mention. But honestly, indIscriminate parking of course Is very wrong behavior, but we can not be too much, after all, things remain the first-line, meet the future good thing! Open luxury Car can be “arbitrary park”? Spray paint the word Is worth mentioning, the owner: not the