Open decades of the car, they would understand how many kilometers transposition car tire needs, for life!

opened the Car several decades, they would understand how many kilometers transposition Car tire needs, for life! In everyday driving the Car in the process, it Will feel to wear the tires of different sizes, which requires tire rotation. Why should regularly transposition? What Is the reason for transposition regular basIs?

Most Cars are precursor type front engine, front wheel load Is large, and the like are also responsible for steering control, resulting in wear than the rear wheel serious. Further since the suspended front and rear axles of different positioning angles, the respective degree of tire wear and wear different positions. If thIs trend continues bias tires Will wear more serious, not only reduces the life of the tire, there Is a big security rIsk. In order to extend tire life and eliminate safety hazards due to the uneven wear generated, we need to Carry out regular tire transposition.

Let me now look Why should thIs tire rotation, mainly because when we usually drive can not guarantee that both sides of the tire Is subjected to a force to balance , so it only from time to time you have to make a change of requirements, such an approach Is possible to get the tires to keep the case a loss almost equal. Tire rotation transposition generally have the following:

a cyclic transposition . The tire clockwIse or counterclockwIse rotation exchange.

Second, the parallel transposition . No change in the tire rotation direction, to ensure the grip of the tire and steering stability.

(3) transposition method . The method Is simple, long-term use of thIs method of transposition, we can keep four wear the same.

Further when the snow tire or tire cleated you should not transposition. When storing such tire, when the rotation direction should be marked on the tire in use, to ensure that such rotation of the tire in the same direction with reloaded. Be Careful: radial tires and bias tires do not mix. OtherwIse, it Will easily lead to dangerous accidents.