Open car so many years, you would use air conditioning do? 90% of older drivers are wrong

Hot summer weather, the air conditioning inside the Car owners become intimate partner. 90% of the owners of the Car the first thing Is the air conditioning, it Is too hot outside, one second do not want to have to be. In fact, thIs Is difficult to achieve cooling effect, but also increase the engine Is running. Here we look at the right way to start the air conditioner.

1: On the bus, turn on any Car window ventilation

Car after exposure, do not rush on the bus busy Car, open four, ventilation dIstribute gas.

2: After the start, first open the fan

to start the vehicle, the fan on, before you start the air conditioner (Do not press the A / C that button). The fan air conditioning system so that polluted air has blown, the air conditioning system Is also a hot air blown;

3: Natural wind after 5 minutes after the air conditioning

natural wind fan starts blowing for 5 minutes and then air-conditioning button Is pressed to open the air conditioning and refrigeration. In thIs case, the window should always open;

4: Cooling 1 minute and then close the window

In order to be cooling fast, we can “in the loop” circulation mode to the

Note: after

faithful Car into the Car, should first open the window ventilation, and other toxic substances are released out, and then air conditioning. In addition to the air conditioning for too long too full. Summer Car prevent “Air conditioning dIsease” should pay attention to several aspects: the just use of Car air conditioners, the best first repair shop on the air conditioning system sterilization deodorant processing can also be purchased from sterilization deodorant dedicated spray themselves. Second, when the Car open air, it Is best not to smoke in the Car, to smoke, you should put air conditioning ventilation controls to their “outer loop” position. Also, do not make the temperature too low, adjust the temperatureToo low, it Will affect their health. Usually the cabin temperature difference Is preferably within 10 degrees.