Open car in the end Is bad or put bad? Why release a few months, I had to go to 4S shop maintenance

Lead: open Car in the end Is bad or put bad? Why release a few months, had to go to 4S shop maintenance

in today’s rapid social change, economic development Will follow the rIse together around our Car Is more and more. Many people buy a new Car when there Is not often need it because the fuel consumption, the Car Will be parked in the garage or parking area. Even some who think the road Is too broken, often knock in the end plate, so I Will put their newly purchased Car parked at home Is not Willing to use. Is the Car parked on the parking lot Will not hurt yet? In the end Is broken open, or put bad? Today small and everyone Will work together on thIs topic chat now!

First, damage to the engine and transmIssion

often drive the Car engine and tubing running Will often also be a cycle, you can put the Car some of the waste can be dIscharged to the dIscharge of harmful substances to go, but these parts with a long time, then, Is to wear out, so thIs Is normal. Let’s talk about the Car not open, how the damage to the engine and gearbox? If a long time do not drive, the engine Will be in a bad state, like the oil pipeline Is not infrequently lose its toughness? Then a machine within the engine Is not a long time without movement, the lubricant Is not lubricated regularly, it Will also deteriorated. It can be seen from thIs, you can put the Car Is bad, but also not cost-effective to buy a Car do not open.

Second, the damage to the brake system

we all know brake system Is composed of two kinds of brake pads and brake handbrake brake system combines out. If the Car for a long time to place parking lots and garages invention, then thIs time the handbrake and electronic parking brake Is pulled up in the state, brake pads and brake dIscs Will be tight for a long time together. And the long time it Will be air oxidation, lead to failure of the braking system. Xiao Bian also spoke before the brake pads replaced every 50,000 km or two years time, if that place than a month for two years to save money, your Car or put OK! And long time consequences of a weakened hand brake performance Will also appear.

Third, the damaged vehicle electronic components

Some people Will think that thIs comes to a variety of control systems in vehicles. They say it more clearly that it Is the Car line up. Because every day driving, the Car’s engine Will heat the cabin’s front line Will be in a dry state. If you do not open the case for a long time, Automotive interior line, it Will not even damp Automatic air-dry, and coupled with the arrival of winter, a hot a cold, line rubber skin aging Will be faster!

Fourth, the damage of the starter device system

electrical storage time Is usually battery of one month, the time if the electric light leakage, it Will lead to not start, which Is Why we Will loose the battery negative reasons when buy a new Car, it Is because the 4S shop for fear of leakage of light electric battery to be so loose, so have when customers buy a Car, because there Is no wrench Will be on hand screwed on, let you drive home on the line. We are not encountered such a problem? If you are driving a vehicle to go out every day, the battery Will be in charge state.

Fifth, paint aging

if the Car has been placed not open it, the paint Will mention aging! That Is because the moIsture in the air per day fall on the paint surface, the sun during the day and then evaporates, and repeatedly, oxidized paint Will follow. As long drive every day we can see the Car Is dirty it Will wipe a wipe, thIs problem Will not appear.

All right! Today small and everyone comes here, if you like, then you can focus on small series Oh! If there are deficiencies please bear with me, I welcome the criticIsm and remember to leave a message ah!