Only serve the German car “German intensive” How cheap Is better than the 4S shop to provide quality service with a repair shop?

In January 2020, after the Car service provider “German intensive” conference held at the National Convention Center, officially launched the line maintenance stores “German intensive factory shop” – in the previous nearly a year, the German intensive been in California has opened three factory stores.

German intensive factory shop located in the “Standardized Car Care service chain”, to serve the German owners (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen). Co-founder and CEO Xu Wei told the krypton 36, “German intensive hope to make a data-driven steam service new retail businesses , to achieve standardization Auto Service field service chain. In addition, the experience and the price to achieve the ultimate. “

co-founder and CEO Xu Wei told the krypton 36,” German intensive “model can bring experience, quality and efficiency of the Car service multi-faceted upgrade. As for the other elements of the user’s attention – price, German intensive likewIse provide a price lower than 40% of the 4S shop, and 4S shop to provide equal or better service.

German intensive co-founder and CEO Xu Wei

“German intensive” mode

Xu Wei was previously the Internet industry serial entrepreneur, he said, “the user experience Is the Internet the most important thing,” and after a Car service in thIs traditional markets, to enhance the experience Is enhance direct way to pay rates.

Based on thIs idea, German intensive for the user in a fixed consumption cycle customized service models:

1. project description

introduced by the manager of German intensive services that can be provided to the user, because the Car comes to service knowledge of Automotive construction and mechanical maintenance, etc., most of these cognitive aspects of the user Is relatively sCarce; common practice within the industry Is that both the United States and also washIs conservation projects, often only one title name, but the project did not explain specifically what services are provided.

German intensive factory store a total of 24 service projects, show props each project in an exhibition space, as a whole constitutes an open fitting experience zone – maintenance cycle of each item, when the labor, process characterIstics and prices are clearly marked to show the form of “props + in-kind.”

2-demand single

Traditional Automotive service industry, fine vehicle review the results of verbal description by the technician to the user, there Is no accurate information, no written documents and other defects, and even lead to serious results deviate from the truth – it brings bad reputation for the traditional test.

German intensive compared with each item set “fine inspection experience zone”, the technician Will use every tool detection, detection points are presented to the user; after finIshing inspection, intensive German Will provide an objective professional written report , and the test results to the user to be able to store other Car service responsible for secondary inspection.

fine subject process covers the engine, transmIssion, chassIs, air conditioning, and other interior and exterior systems six total encompasses 77 detection points, covering the German Cars of 200,000 km common rIsk points within.

3, service delivery

German intensive aspects of the delivery of standardized and transparent , tools used in each project, products and processes have a fixed standard, each service has a real-time video process.

stores all products are on dIsplay in the open experience area, check after finIshing order, the system Will Automatically generate construction need to use the product number in accordance with models and projects, stores according to technicians with the number chosen to lead customers’ products; each construction project Is divided into 5 to 10 key steps, each critical step of the technician to do when you want to take pictures of the construction process and upload through intensive master App. Whether or not the customerSite, you can receive a complete record of the construction process.

4, multiplexed with the user experience available

The user Xu Wei Car experience points three different levels, Is the most basic security experience, followed by comfort, the last Is driving experience.

“The three levels of experience from low to high pyramid type dIstribution. The topmost Driving experience may at least be perceived, but also the most difficult to reflect the effect of service. intensive in most of the tools used in all Germany, the construction process to minimize the damage, make construction more efficient, driving optimum control results. “

raIsed by the German App fine, owners can store manager and technician services direct evaluation, the manager and the technician can see the customer’s evaluation. In addition, the German intensive sectors can be detected through the fine detailed vehicle data, and complete the online operation planning, for the owners to provide maintenance reminders based on the owner’s habits.

It Is worth mentioning that one of the main factors affecting the complex back to the shop to buy a occupied for too long – if the owner Car back to the shop for maintenance, count time traffic and services, usually less than four hours. To thIs end the German intensive e-generation driving teamed, all from the customer German intensive factory shop within 10 km, you can use the pick-driving services on behalf door; Is usually in the morning and Auto service stores less passenger traffic in the morning, German intensive use Will adjust the price of driving services on behalf of a smooth approach amounts to maximize store productivity.

the conference site to build a “German intensive” open fitting experience area (same-store)

arrangement under German intensive line

in fact, the experience of these services model Is superior to the traditional 4S shop or repair workshop, and the founder of German intensive Di Hongjiang told krypton 36, based on its own steam supply chain service industry for nearly two decades of accumulated experience and resources, although the factory shop purchasing accessories are the industry’s top brands, but still ensure that the advantages of purchasing cost.

the advantage of experience and price, but also the core competitiveness of German intensive mode. Dihong Jiang said that German Cars all Car ownership accounts for only 15%, but 35% post-consumer services industry, and serve only German Cars can be more concentrated product. “We have built up through years of production and purchase channels to the completion of maintenance costs below the industry; in the future, German intensive hope the product ‘choice of going’, and consumers only recognized German brands like intensive . “

CEO Xu Wei Is the second half of 2019 to join the German intensive, after adding that” German intensive to do data-driven steam service new retail business ” and in 2019 in downtown California opened three “experimental shop.” After months of running operations and product updates, three stores have to break even, it Is to develop in the direction of profitability.

German-store cost intensive stage Is about 1.5 million, future large-scale landing Will be reduced to 1,200,000; the official release of thIs brand, meaning German intensive products framework has been determined, in 2020, German intensive expects to open 15–20 stores.

At present, the German intensive ongoing new round of financing.