One million BMW luxury car repairs take, after seeing the car cool heart

Mr. Liu bought a million BMW X5, because the air conditioning compressor failure, so the Car on the 4S shop repair, and maintenance staff and said to wait several days to get the Car, Liu Mr. Right just agreed. After

Then a few days, 4S shop owner Liu received telephone, after being opened out BMW X5 technician, because an excessive speed a Car accident . And Mr. Liu believes that the speed was at 130km / h or more, street light pole Zhuangfei, after the accident airbags are open, 4S shop should take full responsibility for damages.

hIs Car was purchased in April 2010, prices of 960,000 yuan bare, various taxes and fees nearly 14 million, the total price of 1.1 million yuan(CNY)(CNY), just because a small problem to be repaired, but was knocked beyond recognition. The entire left anterior face was damaged, smashed front bumper, fender and the wheel off, the hood severely deformed, has broken windshield.

but the 4S shop exclusions and the two sides failed to reach an agreement, and now the two sides to thIs thing so much noIse on the paved court, and now can only wait for the law to give an answer, and in fact, there are many such similar things actually.