Once one million level BMW 750Li, and now only worth 150,000 no one cares

used Car in contact for a long time, found widespread Japanese Cars are better than hedge German Cars, luxury Car, the lower the residual value, the BMW 7 Series the following Is a good example on the hedge ratio, BMW 7 Series Is BMW’s a luxury Car, but also the Car of choice for many employers, for me it was not, and look into the dIstance, the minimum dIstribution Is up one million, let alone high with, here Is thIs BMW 750LI, put in the store for some time, then we take a look at how thIs Car cost? 750LI 05 paragraph

, although 13 years have passed, but still very good look fineness, the new Car was landing at about 1.75 million 13 years ago to buy one million level models, are now sure to open the Bentley or Rolls Royce, and the rich life that we really do not know. Closer to home the Car has already traveled 120,000 kilometers up to 150,000 of the sale price, 120,000 km actually depreciated 1.6 million, the lower the more luxurious models hedge rate, thIs sentence Is really true.

to lIsten to the Car shop owner said the Car had stood for a long time, at the beginning of so many people join in the fun, and now almost nobody Cares . It’s no wonder, as thIs kind of luxury used Car on the market present in an amount very much, really very difficult to sell, but the water Is very large, sold a luxury used Car earns several times the ordinary models.

If you have fifty thousand words, would you buy thIs Car, sir? I believe the vast majority of people are not, fifteen million price a lot of people would rather buy a new Car or a used Reiz and so on. Buy the BMW 7 Series simply could not afford, the cost of almost a year following small series of annual income. And thIs Car has been 13 years of age of the vehicle, and certainly great damage certain parts, to buy back open a two-month felt an advantage, was flattered, the result of six months, one month 31 days, the Car 28 day in the repair shop, expensive repairs too late to cry.

I’m not saying poor condition of the Car, after all, age of the vehicle in front, no matter how good the Car Will have damage. High maintenance costs and low market demand Is the reason most difficult to sell luxury used Car.

Although it has been over the past 13 years, but the appearance Is still exudes an aura of nobility. Very bright xenon headlights, standing in front of the vehicle almost eyes open, the hub uses a 18-inch style. Overall impression Is very good, very classic.

as well as the interior space of the Car Is the highlight, very delicate and luxurious, leather interior using sewing and parcels, as well as a small amount of mahogany decoration. Rear space Is very large, a warped hIs legs no problem, relying on the center armrest, he would understand Why the boss likes the BMW 7 Series, thIs elegant and comfortable feeling, Is simply enjoying life.

configuration of thIs Car Is very high, everything tire pressure monitoring, night vIsion, variable suspension (adjusted soft and hard), electroblotted door, shift paddles, GPS navigation , power leather seats, seat heating and ventilation, heating and folding electric mirrors and the like, the configuration Is very high.

opening the hood, you can clearly see a 4.8L 8-cylinder engine, the maximum power of 270kW, 6AT gearbox matched, maximum horsepower 367 hundred kilometers 6 seconds.