On vehicle maintenance and repair, 4S shop VS “roadside shop” which faction you stand?

say that buying a Car Is easy to keep a Car difficult, in fact, relative to the past, it has been much better in the last century 8. The driver of the 1990s, if not a little skill you can not repair the road, not only because the original the technology behind the Car easier to repair the bad and the place Is very few.

So now we would be happy to drive it, at least not have to worry about them, or never learned mechanical principles point of driving down the road and my heart Is not at ease .

So now there Is a new question about Car maintenance and repair in addition we are most familiar with the 4S shops in recent years, some independent operation of the “roadside shop” are more and more some drivers of all ages. Which in the end “know better” your Car do? Come to tell you today, said he said.

we take a look at the status quo of the two factions.

4S shop due to the more formal but also more people worry so has been the most owners repair and maintenance of choice. The Car then do not worry about their own place, 4S shop there even longer time to repair the Car provide backup service. So in repair and maintenance service experience 4S shop Is definitely king.

However, with the 4S shop parts in recent years, the frequent occurrence of shoddy, and feel free to add money pit maintenance projects as well as some more serious 4S shop maintenance workers secretly drove out the main Car accident. Many owners have pulled out to make a “roadside shop” thIs camp.

probably a lot of people for the “roadside shop” view or in thIs case the figure below.

does the first “roadside shop,” thIs Is the case, get a few rooms to put forward a boom even opened, almost no professional equipment, like a wrench can fix a Car all. Repairman technology generally are wild ways. From thIs shop are also almost cheaper models, I remember the most expensive I’ve ever seen Is a Passat, and basically no one would dare then your point of repair in such a place.

In fact, thIs shop still exIsts todayQuite a few, but with the domestic Automobile culture in recent years, the rapid rIse of more specialized “roadside shop” Is also a strong debut, they changed thIs image above, began to standardize management, repair Is technically through the layers test assessment to posts. Level definitely not lost on the 4S shop. Like love-line, monthly vehicle maintenance blessing these institutions Is a good example.

In thIs way the cost of regular maintenance organizations in fact, cost Is not very low, but because of market competition, so each maintenance organizations Will pay more attention to their reputation and technical level, but also often engage in some promotions to attract customers, which for us the owner Is indeed good News.

But for some of the imported Car and superCar possible such maintenance organization may still not be competent, after all, still need some unique accessories original. So thIs Is only the current 4S shop can do the job.

In fact, the “roadside shop” Is no longer confined to professional maintenance of the service, with the modified Car culture in the country Is more and more depth development of the industry last year refit the Great Hall of the General Assembly are held, making the original hidden underground modified Car field was getting sunlight, so now partially capable “roadside shop” in addition to the repair and maintenance operations also Carried out modifications Car business, as well as customization of the vehicle.

like the Mercedes-Benz Car critics Shakes the Barley SLSAMG I am more concerned about Is the perfect transformation Carried out in such a “roadside shop”, but must find a professional modification technician. I believe thIs Is the future of these kind of “roadside shop” relatively good development trend, after all Cars in the minds of many people have already gone beyond the means of transport has become a religion.

but in the end still have to mention that, although the future of customization and modified Car Is a big trend in the domestic Automotive development, but we still have to legitimate scope for retrofitting within their Car, after all, who do not want to be just a road check policeman.

and modified Car as a future birth of the “main force.” These have a high level techniciansThe “roadside shop” should be in strict accordance with the standards of the domestic Car modification retrofit, so that standardization of business. To promote the positive development of the Automotive repair and maintenance industry, making the prospects for the industry can be more broad.