On the skills and knowledge of car maintenance

In thIs era of rapid economic development, Car sales into a geometric growth, basically every household has a Car as a means of transport, but because of the growing novice drivers, to Car repair and maintenance industry tremendous pressure because of various improper operation, resulting in a variety of Automotive accidents and failures, and extreme lack of awareness on Car maintenance thIs one, resulting in increased attention we have thIs one in the Automotive repair and maintenance. ThIs paper analyzes the research skills and knowledge of Auto repair and maintenance, the majority of owners pay attention to it, to avoid losses due to incorrect operation and poor driving habits brought security and financial resources.

First, at present some problems in Automotive repair and maintenance

[ Some troubled diversification (a) vehicle technology brought

in the current Automotive market, Car brand Is very large, in which German and Japanese Cars occupied the main market, but on two Cars in terms of the technology used and not the same, for instance, in the end models Ashkenazi, mostly 7-speed dual-clutch mainly Japanese to play the main gearbox CVT gearbox two speed different boxes directly affect the owners driving style, 7-speed dual-clutch to switch gears quickly Is the most important feature, however road conditions, traffic jam situation of our country’s majority, easily lead to serious or even crash the transmIssion loss. For example, in Japanese CVT gearbox, for example, the case of the crash of virtual gear does not appear, but not suitable for intense driving, but many owners do not understand thIs, it Will cause the transmIssion to various problems. ThIs Is the only gearbox for example, give maintenance Car has brought great difficulties, not to mention many electronic devices now model was equipped with a panoramic sunroof and so on. So diversified Automotive technology to the Automotive repair and maintenance increased a lot more difficult.

(b) the maintenance level of differentiation

As the drive Automotive sales industry, various sizes repair and maintenance industry Is also expanding rapidly, but the technician level within the industry Is uneven, the processing done in the process of Car repair and maintenance Is not so perfect,In fact, Cars and people are the same, there Will be problems, can only look and smell cut through to make a diagnosIs, and then work out a reasonable repair and maintenance program, no experience and solid professional technical backing Is not feasible, then for example, oil, different grades, different brands, different prices, oil Is not the right choice, Will bring great rIsk to normal driving a Car, many owners do not understand the comparIson result does not choose the right type of oil, thIs time maintenance staff can not give the right advice Will lead to more follow-up questions. Poor

(c) drivers driving habits

some problems in Automotive repair and maintenance in addition to the above, most the key factor Is still the driver itself, give a very simple example, take the manual transmIssion models, many drivers were switched gears can not guarantee a good clutch foot in the end, go on like thIs for a long time, can cause the clutch and the transmIssion loss appear, Is a big rIsk to safe driving. Some drivers prefer more ruthless step on the gas to accelerate the speed, like brakes, in addition to increased fuel consumption, Will exacerbate the loss of the various components, shortening the life of the driver of the vehicle.

Second, Car maintenance skills and knowledge

For the most current driver Is concerned, the Car the very lack of knowledge, in order to better ensure good condition, the need for Automotive repair and maintenance of common sense and a certain degree of learning and understanding in thIs for the majority of owners to provide the following maintenance tips and common sense:

(1) the current buy a Car, the Car Will bring with him the user manual, but most owners do not make good use of these favorable conditions, readily set aside, in fact, in the user manual can understand the oil type and the type of lights and lights of some basic vehicle maintenance such models need to choose, so every owner should fully understand the Car and read the user manual to make when the vehicle in adverse reactions right judgments.

(2) regular tire pressure detection, because every year because puncture accident few cases, to ensure the normal tirePressure, ensure safe driving, Is currently on many models, manufacturers gave the Car Is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system, but these things can not completely guarantee the driver can perceive the situation timely tire pressure, tire pressure monitoring such as Toyota series the system Is fifteen minutes to conduct a test tire, if the tire pressure unstable situation just occurred in the detection zone, it can not be timely to remind owners, so check before to develop the Car tire situation, but to remind the majority of owners It Is based on the tire model, seasonal changes, safety value of tire pressure Will also change.

(3) In the winter, many owners Will warm up the habit, but it does not warm up well to control the time, in fact, correct after the warm-up mode Is not launched at that speed and so on down, 2-30S on it, moving slowly through the low throttle way to warm up, so it can guarantee good fuel economy, but also can reduce the formation of coke . These small details can achieve low failure and low maintenance.

(4) must be timely maintenance, the new Car’s first insurance and 5,000 km vehicle in the investigation are important, many 4S shops are complimentary projects, these cost-effective the projects have to do, in addition, in the future of driving, every Care must be timely treatment, once beyond the maintenance time, loss of various components of the Car Will increase, there may even be seriously affected normal traveling of the vehicle, conventional maintenance include: replacement of oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter Cartridge and divIsion, maintenance and replacement of the spark plug, the gearbox oil. Every time to do routine maintenance, we can arrange it so that technicians in fault detection and exclusion are now more advanced detection instruments, and Will not delay too long.

Third, the conclusion

In fact, Car maintenance tips There are many in thIs I Will not illustrated, the Car Is just like their own children, in order to better understand hIs love him, to develop good habits of Car maintenance Car and the best method Is the most critical, so not only save a huge amount of maintenance costs, better able to ensure traffic safety, hope the majority of owners can pay attention to it, details of the decIsionSuccess or failure.