On the profit and sad auto repair shop

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it has been all Auto repair shops, but you have to make money to make money ……………… difficult.

shop in two ways:

1, itself the money to open a big franchIse, own a few of employment a staff, maintenance staff and beauty staff, but most of the profit Is to open stores wages and consumed;

2, I had done a few in the four S store or other large surface points in a separate rent out on hIs own to build a small-scale open repair shop or Car wash, then it Is the main or apprenticeship with a small two thousand dollars a month, or longer Is because mom and pop stores and the cost of rent People’s Congress, must be all your own dry, in order to maintain spending;

the point where profits?

1, the Car to basically change parts, simple maintenance do not make money;

2, Car, foil stickers and sewing ( there profit);

3, recreational vehicle, or a vehicle to change the old Car interior atmosphere lights, horn, aviation seats, upholstery leather change color;

summary: life Is not easy trekking dry Is not good, but we have to move forward, the Bank must have done fine profits for development, but also need to have word of mouth, filling it brothers all walks of life sIsters !!