On the car chassIs faults and repair methods

Car has become a common needs of most families, the number of Car owners in order to grow exponentially every year, such a large number of vehicles, traffic accidents, Car repair problems ensue. Local author problem by introducing the easiest Car – chassIs, simple maintenance explain ways in which people grasp the basic knowledge of Car maintenance. Car chassIs Is one of the basic framework of the overall structure of the Car, the Car Is an important basIs for the composition. Automobile chassIs links with many Auto parts, to make it become one. With the development of Automobile technology, in the production of Automobile chassIs more professional and precIsion, plus Car chassIs itself more parts, so the Car chassIs maintenance complexity and difficulty Is very high.

fault Automobile chassIs mainly under certain conditions, performance of the Car, parts and temperature abnormal or systemic failure which needs repair personnel troubleshoot the various components through testing, identify problems point where the Car chassIs, and then to Carry out maintenance work. Several major Issues the author prone to problems cited by the introduction of Car chassIs, detailed description of the failure to find ways to explain and maintenance methods, so that people have a basic vehicle chassIs maintenance skills.

1 fault conventional system appears

1.1 clutch Problems and Repair

intermittent bonding, abnormal noIse, jitter and body dIsconnected dIsorders and other adverse phenomena are common problems. We start her normal engine speed, slowly lifted hIs foot off the pedal until it can obviously feel inadequate vehicle power, lost its strong momentum, indicating that the engine power has been preserved not fully transmitted to the transmIssion input shaft. Both increased fuel consumption and making the Car difficult to start power down. These reasons may first common lining wears thin, the presence of grinding hardened, contaminated with oil or fatigue fracture platen Is too soft, the flywheel and clutch loosening screw connecting portion.

Maintenance mode: when the manual parking Is turned on, the low-speed position gradually release the clutch pedal and the left foot off the accelerator pedal Is depressed slowly, then the Car Is still in place and the engine speed increases positiveTo operate normally, the clutch may be determined indirectly binding. Watch it and check free travel within the requirements, if it does not comply then be adjusted accordingly. If the previous regular check should be dIsassembled to check the flywheel clutch screws have not completely fastened state, as there should be checked not loose shims between the flywheel and the clutch cover, and empirically determined to reduce or remove its gasket tightened. Problems still exIst, then the fault should be checked driven plate, if there Is often a problem, see experience can be empirically solve its problems, should the driven plate thickness Is too small or Is not within the thickness of the formulation, the driven plate should be replaced . .

The transmIssion faults and maintenance 2

The transmIssion failure mainly in two aspects: the gear failure and noIse . The transmIssion Is to change its name implies vehicle speed components Is typically accomplIshed by the gear member. Gear failure usually leads to wrong file, file chaos and problems skip shift, that Car Will Automatically change their gear in the process of moving, in thIs case prone to traffic accidents, life-threatening. The noIse refers to the transmIssion Will produce harsh sound during operation, seriously affecting people’s auditory effect, engender dIscomfort.

Maintenance mode: To check for the gear failure due to internal link transmIssion where the clutch components due to aging affect the normal operation, the need for timely replacement of aging component. For loose screws, nuts and other parts to be secured in time for processing. NoIse generated generally due to the tight engagement within the transmIssion parts or too loose. Check whether there Is transmIssion between the crank shaft and the first gear of the transmIssion loss due to abrasion or working gap Is too large results, timely replacement of the bearing or gear noIse problem can be solved.

3. Steering fault system appears

3.1 heavy steering faults and maintenance

steering after heavy fault Is in the process of moving Car, the Car Is equipped with hydraulic steering heavy steering turn the steering wheel can not return to its original position.

ThIs situation typically occurs Is the vehicle by the steering system or power failure due to insufficient power, the main reason Is that a hydraulic booster Is insufficient due to lack of oil and the like. Specific reasons are: pump belt Is too loose, in the idling state, the pump itself Is damaged, the oil passage Is not completely closed state, the oil filter or prolonged use different useless, the relief valve leakage, loss of spring force to adjust properly the position the original role.

power steering pump Is an important part of the Car steering played a significant role in the oil reservoir when long-term use does not change in time Will result in loss of steering power, failure oil Will not achieve normal effect. At thIs point we should add new oil to ensure the normal operation of components, so to ensure the quality of the instructions but also adding the right amount of oil.

Maintenance mode: checking whether each of Mifengbuyan pipe joints, whether there Is blockage of the oil passage pipe, after cleaning thereof and troubleshooting Related predetermined tightening torque bolt. Can also check the pump pressure, a pressure value Is too small described problem exIsts at thIs time should be checked to replace the pump. Internal leak oil pump, safety valve, relief valve after catching and spring stretch Is weakened, whether each bearing wear ablation must do a comprehensive investigation to identify the problem.

direction of deviation fault 3.2

direction of deviation fault i.e., inconsIstent with its own steering wheel in the direction of travel or need a large effort in order to protect the Car’s normal driving direction. Automotive main direction of deviation failure generally uneven tire pressure, wheel bearing reasons tight or abnormal damping plate, the wheels need to overhaul the vehicle chassIs member.

Maintenance mode: observation wheel tire pressure Is uniform, the average wheel tire pressure Will be dIsplayed on the vehicle control panel, not shown for the Car Will have by measuring the professional tools; observe the steering wheel dIsk Is working properly, whether the magnitude of the steering consIstent; check chassIs of the vehicle wheel in the case of the elastic force of the damper plate appears broken or dIsappearance of the damper plate; check whether the axle bearing adapter parts too tight, it may be appropriate to add lubricants guarantee the normal operation of the bearingMake.