Older drivers: The yellow car headlights, do not foolIshly recognized only repair shop, Yongzhe Zhao let the lights as bright as new

older drivers: The yellow Car headlights, do not recognize just silly repair shop, Yongzhe Zhao let the lights as bright as a new

Car does not say shadow of the Car in urban areas, rural areas and even had its shadow, of course, except for some there Is no road into the village, but the Cars are so common, rural roads also began to become certain changes, like I the village, like going to change a few years ago, so in the last year, from very bad to go “cement” into a concrete road Is really, really big change thIs village Is inseparable from the Car, if not the Car need so big, so smooth the way, I believe there are many roads leading to the village Is not going to change. Then the Car so many people, and ultimately, more people go to buy a Car, the Car Will use to buy back problems began, and thIs Is also related to the maintenance aspects of the Car, a Car maintenance well, maybe thIs Car than the same longer life Car models.

and ultimately, Car maintenance, Car washing, then Why should the Car wash? I believe we have to understand, that Is not because the Car has yet dust, dust that Is common all over the surface of the Car, the Car’s headlights so as to become dirty Is part of the “yellow light”, not the original color lights. A yellow Car so that the brightness of it better than ever before, which Is like the same reason household lamps, Car lights are not bright enough, and was followed by a variety of no accidents caused by rear lights and allow the driver to light bad driving situation caused some problems, then you can use thIs trick to make “yellow light” brightens, older drivers: do not repair shop can be resolved, Yongzhe Zhao let the lights as bright as new.

First, a dirty points to clean what was first thought was? Of course, cleaning agents, as you use to wash a bath shower gel the same reason, it Is an ordinary detergent soap and water, it means soap-inflicted water, Is the kind of water can blow bubbles, soap belt there are basic, which Is part of the people are aware, of course, Is also unclear understanding, rub with soap and water “yellow light” can be clean, and may also restore the brightness when the Car like, like I said Is not really able to restore brightness of a new Car, and then may be used to make lights less rapid change “yellow.”

Second, in addition to thIs soapy water, as well as a polIshing agent Is available, thIs Is the real agent, and coated with a polIshing agent most basic and we Will, then painted after that erased, erasing cloth we should note, be sure to choose a soft, otherwIse the lights Will give secondary damage, not to mention the polIsh did not quite that expensive, and more than a protective film of soapy water, but also to use it more able to express less lamp change “yellow light” than with soap and water.

a Car’s headlights Is very important, if it were to “yellow light” useless, then you really to be considered for the lights, there Will be some rIsk if you do not change when the lights night run, the Cars are no light, dark night Will not see the other Car, so the likelihood of an accident Is greatly increased .