Old drivers to teach you how to judge the quality of the paint, subvert your imagination

Lead: many drivers attach great importance to their own beautiful Car, especially in terms of the performance of thIs Car, when many drivers if the scratches in their own windows, it Will quickly go inside 4s shop for repair but in hIs engine when there have been some problems are often ignored. So we are able to find friends with the driver of the Car on the paint a lot more than the money may be used in the engine above money, which Is very normal phenomenon, just like people, and we Will put most of the money on clothes .

it Is not the thicker the more good in terms of quality paint choose thIs? Many drivers Will feel the Japanese paint thinner, so usually when they are not going to choose. They feel that the paint Is too thin, Will cut corners, and the quality Is not very good. But such traditional concepts in the end Is not correct? In fact, if taste Is the same as the paint manufacturers are the same, then the paint Is surely cut corners. But if not the same materials and manufacturers, paint Bohou can not dIstinguIsh good and bad.

Therefore, among the selection paint process, we see the main index of hardness, here small that you can make a very simple test method. We can directly take out the Car keys in the Car at the bottom of the Car slide up one, of course, there Is no need to be too hard, because hard, then there Will be scratches. If we find no response, then explain thIs time the Car paint quality Is quite good, the opposite of what might paint quality problems Will be investigated.

and in the process of purchasing the paint, we can go directly to the designated color of the floor, and the driver can be firstThe boss should first look at their own say in the end what a good color. After all draw Car, we are still very dIstressed, these floor plans Will not result in any loss to us, but we can also look at the hardness in the end, but off.