Old drivers advice: these do not do car maintenance project, a waste of time but also wasting money

older drivers advice: these do not do Car maintenance project, a waste of time but also wasting money

We all know it? A lot of people buy a Car later, we must face the problem of Car maintenance, and for Car maintenance, some people said he was a novice, or to lIsten to professional advice, so the Car had some problems, the first time think about Is going 4S shop, but there are some Car maintenance Is actually everyone Will be able to complete yourself, do not go to 4S shop.

When you go to 4S shop maintenance, you do not understand the oil, filter machines, etc., whether the fear that they Will be fooled 4S shop. There are a lot of 4S shop owners Is to grab thIs do not understand the psychological, desperate to sell you all kinds of maintenance projects, ranging from a few hundred to as many as several thousand, do not know the owner Will pay to the 4S shop, in fact, some maintenance every maintenance project did not need to do, like on thIs below 3, even the old driver to go 4S shop to do maintenance pit are sure to be had!

to be brief! Cleaning the engine compartment. After the general Car Is dirty, go to the general Car wash Car wash Will only be cleaned Car interior and exterior. Whether the owners themselves or Car wash workers, generally do not Care about the Car’s launch bay. 4s shop to open, the staff put your engine compartment open, you Will see a variety of expected dust, sludge. At thIs time, 4s shop staff Will agitate the owners of cleaning the engine compartment. Here, we must remind you: If the engine compartment Is not very dirty, Is not necessary to clean up. Remember, do not own at home wash the engine compartment.

Yes! Change the oil. Vehicle maintenance Is generally replaced every five thousand kilometers of oil, if the Car ran more than a bad condition may be less than 5000 km oil change Is necessary. Do not believe ten thousand km Auto repair shop to sell you, and replaced every fifteen thousand kilometers of oil products, in addition to gold Mobil One, plus dollars One product can be kept more than ten thousand kilometers for once, the other fully synthetic oil basically blowing, they did the technology. Of course, adding a glass of water and antifreeze problems, and in fact such a small thing, like refueling, all without specifically to the 4S shop, only caveat Is not a mIstake, and glass of waterAnd antifreeze are different filler, make it clear enough, do not waste any time.

clean oil. Many owners go to 4s shop maintenance, that they Will be recommended by the staff of the various tempted. If the owner of the Car maintenance thIs not done its homework, it Is easy to make a counterproductive thing: for example, to clean up the oil. Staff generally recommend owners to clean up the oil tank and coke, and then give some dIscount packages, inexperienced owners Will naturally be tempted. In fact, when there Is no fault in the Car problem, engine oil and fuel tanks often can not clean up Carbon deposits. Frequency of cleaning up Carbon tank more frequently Will lead to continued deterioration in the quality of our tank, which Is typical of excessive maintenance.

In fact, thIs “maintenance program” Is actually useless, gasoline already has cleansing effect, while gasoline refining process has been added to cleaning substances, not to mention also the presence of fuel filter, so nothing to worry about cleaning the oil problem, as the throttle coke problem, it Is normal, if you want to maintain, replace the air filter on it, so Why spend time and money to clean oil?

wiper blade without a clear replacement date, but the best Is still 1-2 years for it, otherwIse the cleaning effect of the glass Will drop, especially rain and snow, if you choose to replace the 4S shop, Will certainly spend a little money, in fact, can replace yourself, tap the middle of the wiper clips, you can remove, and then out again after the installation as long as the alignment slot pull click.

as well as small paint scratches, paint small scratches for now actually, there are a lot more practical small way, if not hurt the paint interior paint, just buy a bottle of wax on the line, you can not own waxing, to the 4S shop, chances are thIs one Will give you paint with a new one, so that maintenance costs Will has gone up, the owner must spend a lot of money wasted.

In short, the tire maintenance. Many owners Will have doubts, every time I go 4s shop, the staff Will recommend doing tire maintenance and maintenance of brakes, which have no effect on driving safety it? We need aThe solution Is: In general, Car tires do not need any maintenance, as long as the attention to the sensitivity of the brakes in the usual driving on it; and, maintenance of the brakes Is not ignored, basically every once traveling ten thousand kilometers maintenance, the situation Is under way to check the brake pads Will suffice.

In summary, the Car maintenance time to pay attention, do not be fooled garage or Auto repair work, what have changed (or did not he to help you change), even more than a few older drivers sometimes deceived by unscrupulous businessmen, spend more money wasted.