Old driver after buying a new car, Why go to the repair shop? Old mechanic: ThIs Is the wIse man

in life, many owners are reluctant to mention the repair shop, because only when the Car Is faulty or require maintenance to repair shops, each to have to spend a lot of money. But Why are some older drivers after just bought a new Car, it Will go to the repair shop? For thIs behavior, a lot of riders that they can not understand. A veteran mechanic said: ThIs Is the real wIse man.

older drivers to go to the repair shop, mainly to do two things, first Is to give Automotive films. Many owners may when buying a Car, 4s shop Car film Will be presented. So the owners did not want to think about, just below the Car 4s shop arrangements membrane labeled. Xiao Bian here Is not that bad gift shop 4s film, but because there Will be more follow-up questions.

Thus the old drivers are very aware of thIs, in the 4s shop when they should not film the Car as much as possible requires price concessions, then affixed to the repair shop They are more satIsfied with the Car film. Choose their own Car film can better protect the paint, in addition to preventing the effects of ultraviolet radiation and heat insulation. Some of the more Car owners Will take good Care of the Car to film, thIs Will make the Car look more shiny.

The second thing that Is fitted to the vehicle chassIs protection board, because often when driving Will pass some of the potholed road, or often wading, so Over time Cards Car it Is easy to rust damage. In order to be more at ease when driving, old drivers chose to install the chassIs on guard, generally composed of aluminum, plastic and cast iron, aluminum alloy material of the shield Is more suitable.

could mention a lot of Car owners very happy that day, and can not wait to drive out to play. But before you go for a ride, remember to do more than two things. Most importantly, the new Car Will always be some odor, the owners of these gases might pose a threat to health, so do the first new Car to buy a home ventilation, go by Car. In thIs regard, we have what kind of view? Old driver after buying a new Car, Why go to the repair shop? Old mechanic: ThIs Is the wIse man