Old driver: a small white car maintenance method! It has been transferred crazy netizens!

Car maintenance Is an important expenditure among the many riders life, especially those who like white Car, whether driving or in terms of maintenance of relatively certainly pay a little more, and white Car relative to other Cars in terms of preservation rate Is still very good, then the face of the white Car maintenance, how many drivers know which way to do that? If you do not know, then take a look at these tips!

a white Car maintenance skills: the Car needs waxing

relative to other colors white Cars in Car corrosion resIstance, can be the difference between the number of antioxidant, if prolonged maintenance Car, the vehicle body Will slowly turn into a white yellow, and white wax vehicle Is the ability to effectively prevent the Car the effect of oxidation corrosion paint, paint on the waxing can not only improve the brightness of white paint and once hurt, Car wax surface Is a layer of protective clothing!

Car waxing Note:

Car Chela contains a number of small particles, when waxing Is very easy to operate because of their own mIstakes lead to paint damage on the waxing and maintenance of the Car, we might as well go to a professional Car Care places were!

Car waxing cycle does not need too frequent, usually 3-4 months to play a wax Is not a problem, followed by the parking lot depends on the owner, if the open-air ground place 2-3 months maintenance once the best, if it Is underground garage, then 3-4 months no problem!

Chela good performance in general can exIst period of six months, as to Why a lot of Car waxing cycle Will advance, because the wax Is also Some ingredients contain oil, a long time without being processed at the time of oxidation and corrosion loses protect the paint, and wax after two weeks started by oxidation, after six months of wax and Car glazes completely oxidized, If the owners do not have time of 4-5 months maintenance time Is no big problem!

White Car Care tips II: sunscreen processing, or applying sunscreen sewing cover film

Processing Sunscreen

Car Is still necessary, although the Car paintwork there waxing level of protection, if the weather Is hot summer, long exposure Car, Will accelerate the oxidation effect, at high temperatures it Is prone to the phenomenon of yellow paint, and even a lot of Cars Will see some small macula, because by oxidation uneven Car, causing the Car difficult to see, then affixed to the Car or add a layer of sunscreen film after parking the Car in clothes Is a good effect, both sunscreen or anti-rub Oh!

white Car maintenance skills Three: Do not use too much detergent when washing!


The detergent because many solvents containing acidic or basic substance, once used, although excessive clean the surface, but Is in fact accelerated slowly corrosion paint, the market many cleaners were wearing chemical-free, in fact, Is a lie, neutral detergent there, but not all, if your Car does not need to completely dirty use cleaning agents to “harm than good” long-term, excessive use Will only make their own paint getting yellow!

white Car maintenance skills four: wash the Car to prepare extra towels!

Many riders are-it-yourself Car wash, if the conditions allow it, I believe that many owners do not want to spend money wasted no Car wash, the same can quickly complete their washing liquid but when the Car wash must pay attention to these Issues:

1, a lot of sediment, then the Car itself, you need to repeatedly rinse and then wash cloth, mainly to prevent sediment did not clean up wipe clean and because of lead paint scratches!

2, the Car wash towels should be more prepared a few, do not take the dirty towels and then wipe wash, towel there to prevent gravel sub-exIst!

3, a clean water rinse Car wash towels more than ready, not because I was lazy with dirty water rinse, the same Is to prevent sand, fine gravel cause the Car to scratch!

Summary: white Car on whether it Is good or hedge rate performance and experience selection, but not dirt white Car maintenance Is also relatively trouble, If you are a white Car, then have to worry about the paint Is oxidized too ugly not even worth the money and so on, if you do not know if you go to maintenance white Car, I do not know what some maintenance skills, then it might collections thIs article, as your Car maintenance “life”!