Often seen specializing in BMW, Audi and Volkswagen, Lexus specializing Why not?

open BBA specializing in store, you can earn windfall profits, for example, Washington. But open shop specializing Lexus, maybe even rent and utilities are the problem. Why shop specializing BBA often see, Is not seen Is a shop specializing in Lexus it?

1.BBA better sales, greater ownership

BBA Is the people most joy luxury brand, sold very well, BBA can each sold over 50 million units per year, the first to enter the domestic market as a luxury brand, ownership Is great. Mine Car as a rIsing star, BBA lot less than sales, although sales growth trend in 2020, but only sold about 20 million units, still less BBA.

2. Lei Car more stable and reliable quality.

Is referred to as open Toyota not bad, it shows stable quality Is very good reliability. Ray high-end Cars as a luxury brand of Toyota, quality control aspects of the upgrade again, more stable and reliable product quality, Is the best global brand quality. The BBA has always been a high failure rate of some, oil spills oil leakage Is a common practice, burning oil problems have also occurred.

3. Ray Car warranty period Is longer.

Lei Car to buy a good, long warranty period Is one of the factors to impress consumers, after all, a Car Is easy to keep a Car difficult. Vultures all of its fuel vehicles, four years or one hundred thousand kilometers are maintenance free, hybrid vehicles six years or one hundred and fifty thousand km free maintenance, free maintenance, who would go outside of it?

Based on the above three reasons, so there Will be little shop specializing in mine Car. Good quality Is one aspect, there Is a relatively low sales and ownership, longer maintenance-free periods and other maintenance factors. BBA and mine Car as the high-end luxury brand Cars, has its own advantage or Is insufficient, no Car finIshed Car thing. As for how to choose, that Is, turnip greens all have love.