Obviously opened the air conditioning AC switch did not blow cool breeze, which makes handsome Audi owners are very confused!

principle and the principle of air conditioning Automotive air conditioning at home Is the same, but the Automotive air conditioning home air conditioning maintenance difficulty than larger. A very important reason Is that many of the harsh working environment than the Automotive air conditioning household air-conditioning work environment, and Car air-conditioning parts involved have a lot! Master aftermarket Automotive air-conditioning in the face when something goes wrong, there Will be a little reluctant!

Some time ago, a Car repair garage master 2.5 dIsplacement of the Audi A6L air conditioning! The owner Is a handsome small business owners, he described the failure phenomenon Is: open air conditioning AC switch, and the temperature to the extreme end of the blue, that Is transferred to the lowest temperature, but air conditioning Is only blowing out hot air Will not blow cool, sitting in the Car was very hot! ThIs allows the owner was very handsome confused and do not know what the problem Is the air conditioning system! As shown in the figure below Is the Car Audi mileage, more than 130,000 km! After

FIG one

garage owners described master hearing failure, the Car first in open air, the hot air blowing indeed. ThIs requires further examination of the aftermarket master! In many cases, after the Automotive electronics problem, Is not to be seen out of the fault in the instrument dIsplay, only computer!

of FIG, Automotive master connected to the computer fault detection. There are two faults, both the air conditioning system on a computer screen, a pressure sensor Is an air conditioner, a temperature sensor. After

Figure II

such as fault detected, Auto repair master need to acknowledge the fault, then the specific inspection! As shown in the FIG., See Automotive master data stream, computer red region, since the refrigerant pressure sensor fault cause the compressor to turn off, that Is, while the master Automotive air conditioner switch turned on, but the compressor does not work, it when the air conditioner certainly would not be out of the cold!

At thIs time, as shown in the green area, the refrigerant Is pressure dIsplay 33bar. Aftermarket master, thIs Is a limit, that the refrigerant pressure problems, there may be the sensor itself Is broken, there may be a pressure sensor connected to the line and there Is a problem! Compressor receive less than the internal pressure of the air conditioning, it certainly Will not work!

FIG trIs

aftermarket master after the initial position Is determined the problem of the refrigerant pressure sensors, check for problems open the hood! As shown in FIG green region under the high and low pressure pipe air-conditioning system, connected to the first master aftermarket detected pressure gauge, the pressure inside the air-conditioning system to see whether it Is normal. As a result, normal after detection!

Then, it Is necessary to find the position of the master Automotive refrigerant pressure sensor, the sensor checks whether there are problems! The position of the arrow shown in FIG refrigerant pressure sensor Is a position!

FIG tetrakIs

aftermarket master dIsconnect sensor plug, thIs sensor detecting the line with a multimeter, to see if the problem Is the line! Result of the line Is no problem! So thIs time, the fault can be determined basically, that Is the refrigerant pressure sensor Is defective!

the arrow, the situation after removing the master Automotive refrigerant pressure sensor! We can see that the refrigerant pipe opening inside the sealed parts, and the same principle of tire valve needle, when the sensor Is mounted to the interface after the top of the valve needle Is opened, it can measure the pressure of the refrigerant pipe!

Figure V

Since aftermarket master has identified the fault, we need to repair the ship! It was the handsome Audi owners still a little dubious, but replace the sensor Will be able to solve the problem? After receiving a positive reply aftermarket master, the owner decided to ship replacement!

The next day, put the master Automotive sent back pressure sensor Is installed, as shown by the arrows in FIG! At thIs point turn on air conditioning Auto repair master to start the engine in the Car, the best results occur! Cool breeze blowing!

Figure VI

Finally, Automotive master connected to the computer, clear fault code, Is detected again, I have no fault! Handsome Audi owners see such results of repair, no longer confused, it Will only cause damage because the sensor does not blow cool air conditioning!

ThIs Is the master Automotive repair Audi Is not the fault of the big blow cool breezeCaused by the process, of course, causing the Car air conditioning Is not blowing, there are many reasons for thIs failure Is cool, it’s just one! Hopefully thIs can help us the majority of riders!