Nurse lock small yellow car sharing detained bike seems to have become a magic mirror national quality!

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Small yellow Car lock nurses detained cited concern! “They regret dead, do not know Will break the law ah.” “I locked the Car, causing the vehicle Will not be used by passengers. ThIs Is a violation of property rights shared bicycle suppliers.” New York lawyer Zhang accepting future network Reporter in the New Year so he said in an interview. Today, shared bicycle has become an important tool for people to travel, however, share the bike was stolen, were thrown, demolIshed the two-dimensional code, were posted small ads, for himself and so Is the scene after another. Related events become a hot topic in society. Bike sharing has become just like a magic mirror national quality!

According to an unnamed police said the recent New York Public Security Bureau to Carry out special operations internal, dedicated to combating privately shared bicycle locked to behavior. Rocket Forces General Hospital, two female nurses due to the “little yellow Car” locked in adminIstrative detention for five days. It Is understood that, for the event of damage to the shared bicycle across the country, law enforcement agencies in the country are taking action. Previously, New York and New York because it has been destroyed, accounting for private bicycle sharing XingJu.

privately to small yellow Car locks, illegal? Recently, the General Hospital of rocket forces due to the two female nurses “little yellow Car” locked in adminIstrative detention for five days.

An informed source said the afternoon of February 22, Rocket Forces General Hospital entrance, two female nurses was about to open hIs own small yellow Car was secretly a locked after work, was arrested at a nearby police behind. Two female nurses admit privately occupied ofo shared bicycle.

“They regret dead, do not know Will break the law ah.” A doctor of the hospital witnessed what happened, for which two nurses lamented.

taken privately to friends shared bicycle lock for himself some behavior.