Nurse lock small yellow car detained in adminIstrative detention on the 5th

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Recently, a small yellow Car lock nurses detained News led to users attention. Bike sharing more and more recognized by the general public, on the road can often see little red Car, a small yellow Car, a small blue Car …… do not have a landscape.

But some people always seem to know “share” how it Is, the lock on as their own “private” was.

the recent New York Public Security Bureau to Carry out special operations internal, dedicated to combating privately to conduct shared bicycle locked. Rocket Forces General Hospital, two female nurses due to the “little yellow Car” locked in adminIstrative detention for five days.

According to the future network reported that the afternoon of February 22, Rocket Forces General Hospital entrance, two female nurses was about to open hIs own small yellow Car was secretly a locked after work, was arrested at a nearby police behind. Two female nurses admit privately occupied ofo shared bicycle.

From the picture, the bicycle lock Is shared ofo.

in accordance with the provIsions of Article 49, “Security AdminIstration PunIshment Law”, theft, fraud, looting, robbery, extortion or Willful damage to public or private property, more than five days at the following ten days detention, can impose a five fine of 200 yuan; the circumstances are serious, at least ten days custody for 15 days, and may impose a fine of one thousand yuan.

New York lawyer Zhang New Year, “said the Car locked, has led to the vehicle can not be used by passengers. ThIs Is a violation of shared bicycle suppliers property rights.”

on a shared bicycle line way, destruction of private accounts of events after another, and finally law enforcement agencies to take action, a point of praIse!