Now the car so much, Why a car repair shop, so many car maintenance shop closed down?

shop too much, to close down 70% of the store, and the remaining 30% Will it be possible to live the country last year after the market value (including Automotive supplies, beauty wash, repair and maintenance) 1.3 trillion, regular Sign up repair business 460,000, no less than the formal regIstration of the regIstered Ueno shop, together preliminary estimates even 800,000, each divided into average annual output to 165 million and monthly output value of 135 000, in fact, second-tier and above 4S brand, not aftermarket sales output value of the average monthly output value of up to 200-250 Wan, then dIstributed to non-4S shop of the average monthly production value of 100,000 Is not that, after deducting the total output value of Automotive supplies online shopping part of the owners, and the rest on Tandao only 6-7 Wan output value, the output value of thIs figure can only open a mom and pop shop, workers are afraid to even ask, what can not close the door?