Not surprIsingly, then! Car air conditioning Is not cool, the reason may be in these parts

have to say that the beginning of autumn, but the weather did not seem to cool the meaning of such a hot day if the Car without air conditioning, then it Is estimated that most people can not accept the things of it, and today small share with you the little things on the air.

① blower can hear sound, but not the wind blowing out a large

If your Car thIs happens then we must wonder if the air filter Is dirty, when the air conditioning system Is working, blower blowing out air through evaporation tank (equivalent to hang inside our home air conditioning) to reduce the temperature of the wind then after purified by the air filter and outlet duct to cool air inside the vehicle. But when too dirty air filter Will restrict the air flow; severe cases may they not wind or the wind Is very small, while the interior air quality Will be greatly reduced, because there would have been a lot of filters in the air conditioning filter dust and other microbes Car was blown serious impact on our health. So the importance of air-conditioning filter Is not in doubt.

most of the air filter installation location of the Car easily behind the co-pilot storage box can be found, the following individual models Will be installed in the storage box such as the hippocampus Familia series, there are models such as the center console below the air filter NIssan Qashqai in the back right side of the accelerator pedal trim, air conditioning filter Trail behind the trim on the passenger side of hIs left foot. Careful owners of a friend can try to replace it yourself, oh. Here interspersed with a little knowledge of the air filter and air filter are two things, which generally refers to the Automotive engine air filter Is the role of two completely different things, oh, do not confuse the two.

② total feeling air conditioning no previous cool the

thIs Is most likely because the Car air conditioner condenser Is not cleaned for a long time, there are too many thermally conductive sheet dust, and other foreign matter catkins residues, resulting in insufficient cooling condenser caused. The solution Is relatively simple, the Car-off state of the air compressor air gun acquire foreign matter inside the blow out, Then with a washing machine to clean the condenser. But I do not suggest that you do it yourself, if the cleaning when improper operation could damage the condenser, it Is not worth the candle.

③ wind, but the cold Is not

to find a repair case chefs solved, because more reasons involved, for example: air conditioning pipe leakage (leakage of fluorine), air conditioner compressor does not work, does not start cooling fan, air-conditioning pipe Road congestion …… and so on, maintenance Is more complex, compared to the previous two cost Is much higher.

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