Normal driving, car tire can run tens of thousands of kilometers? Up the knowledge

A lot of people probably did not pay attention to thIs Issue, based maintenance all know, but you ask the majority of owners tire can run tens of thousands of kilometers, it Is estimated they Will be ignorant of. As the only part of the tire contact with the ground the Car, its importance Is self-evident.

However, as the wearing member opposite and relatively durable, and it Is somewhat similar to the spark plug on the engine. The following Will specifically explain Why the two similar, plus replacement tires for keeping a Car Is spending a small fortune, so the actual Car tire replacement process Is not very timely. The

of the tire during use, in addition to the normal wear and tear as well as its aging, typically the replacement cycle Is generally 6-8 ten thousand kilometers and 5 years, whichever occurs first two. But in terms of these two points Is not a particularly large number of vehicles, most tire can achieve more than two and a replacement cycle, spark plugs just mentioned as well.

Is generally recommended to be replaced in the 3-4 million km, of some good material can be used longer. But often to thIs you can also use a few kilometers later, so many people choose not to be replaced. In fact ignition effect has fallen, it Will cause a loss of power and increase fuel consumption.

If the tire does not promptly replaced, aging itself reduces the strength of the tread, the wear pattern through the grip after the drop, also affect the water guiding effect. It can also increase to some extent, reduce power and fuel consumption, but also increase the probability of slipping rainy days and so on. But in terms of these Issues, if not there Will be any great impact in urban driving. But if it Is running fast, even though you can also use the best but Is promptly replaced.

Usually after the tie before the tire fill substantially normal use, but if it Is being tied or side knock, because no steel reinforced side, do not try continue to use. In the choice of a new tire, quiet, comfortable and wearable opposites. Quiet and comfortable because of the relatively softer material requirements, and Will need to wear even harder.

Has not put these two aspects well balanced, good urban Car Is recommended to choose silence, some tire noIse can be reduced to improve comfort, and high-speed run more, it Is recommended to choose a good wear resIstance relatively more durable . I hope the above analysIs can help you! Like a friend “thank you” thumbs up support.