No longer need air conditioning odds, three-zone air conditioning models recommended

Source: new Car News Group

the recent surge of cold air, so many parts of the north into the “arbitrary dress” of the season. Street there would not replaced short-sleeved shorts spiritual guy, but small series have been looking out for the winter warm cotton plus Trousers. Not only Is the conflict wore on, the Car air-conditioning season Is set to what temperature can also cause heated debate, and if with three-zone air conditioning, can effectively meet everyone’s needs. Today, small series to introduce several equipped with three-zone air conditioning hot models for your reference.


three-zone air conditioning thIs configuration the Car Is still relatively rare in the high-class configuration. Camry equipped with three-zone air conditioning to achieve the main driver, co-pilot, rear three-zone independent temperature control. Although the temperature has declined in many areas, but a different person’s body Is different, different feelings about body temperature, but may need to partition the thermostat models in thIs season.

Moreover, the Camry’s air-conditioning system also hidden other “black science and technology.” When the vehicle engine Is stopped many drivers had a friend with an Automatic start-stop function models have encountered a red light work, air conditioning and therefore interrupting cooling, then the temperature inside the Car Will suddenly rIse. Camry equipped with thermal storage air-conditioning synchronous generator can still continue to blow cold air in 50 seconds to start the Automatic start-stop idling stop, for life Is still at above 30 ℃ in the autumn air temperature Is particularly applicable to a friend south difficult to avoid the Automatic start and stop of the impact brought by passengers in the Car.

while the northern areas which are already down in the second half of thIs year’s first snow, winter can be declared a success, and friends to spend in these areas has also been made of the vehicle heating function, but a huge Car inside and outside temperature difference Is likely to cause the front windshield fogging, Camry air conditioning intelligent dual circulation loop heating in use at the same time, you can also synchronize using the air outside the circulation to avoid windshield fogging, no need to line of sight between the temperature and choices.

into the fall, the probability of dust and heavy pollution weather weather occurs Is increased, the intake air particulate matter concentration can be increased. Camry equippedThe PM2.5 filter means (air filter) to effectively guarantee the quality of the air inside the vehicle. And thIs configuration covers all models, without having to install their own late, to avoid security rIsks and costs and therefore brings. Of course, thIs Is not enough, Camry mounted Panasonic Nanoe nano water ionizer only opens one hour PM2.5 eliminate rate of 98% can be achieved, also comes humidification function, the air-drying fall quite useful.

previously mentioned Camry include three-zone climate control independent rear zone, thIs feature Is quite useful for the elderly and prefer the back of the baby. In fact Camry for rear passengers, there are many intimate configuration, the Camry rear center armrest with a touch panel, in addition to rear air conditioning can be adjusted independently, but also can be set on the entertainment system. In addition, electric Camry rear seat angle adjustment can also be done through the control panel, rear passengers can easily adjust the seat to a comfortable angle, comfort, luxury brand par executive saloon. Camry also offers electric rear sunshade, the same can be controlled at the touch panel on the center armrest, rear privacy increased, but also reduce the dIscomfort caused by direct light, thIs configuration Is quite high-class Car rare.

Lexus ES

as Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus ES equipped with three dIstricts Air conditioning Is also expected. Lexus ES with the same Camry from Toyota TNGA GA-K platform architecture, in fact, the Car Is equipped with three-zone air conditioning Is the same paragraph Kai Camry. When the same platform to share different brands of Cars and advanced configuration technology Is also very common.

Since the shared art air conditioning system Camry, Lexus ES Is also equipped with Panasonic Nanoe nano water ionizer, the air conditioning system blown clean air with Lexus ES bamboo interior materials, presumably there Will be a feeling among the mountains exposure, thIs configuration also covers all models.

, but three-zone air conditioning coverage on the Lexus ES Is not so high, you can enjoy up only with modelsuse,. And the rear center armrest Lexus ES does not support touch control, it Will have an impact on the sense of technology and convenience to a certain extent.

Audi A6L

Audi A6L has been built “official Car” aura, which Is Why thIs ordinary consumers are not keen on the Audi A6L, prefer the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-class. After A6L facelift, thIs situation may be able to be changed. The new A6L lines more tough, to its predecessor model compared to more full, but also a little more fashion sense.

while the upgrade in appearance, the new A6L in the configuration has been further enhanced comfort configuration naturally not absent, three-zone air conditioning Is also found in A6L configuration table, the configuration on the fiber models are standard in the low dIstribution models also provide an option, option needs 5,000 yuan, there are more optional intend friend recommended to select the original installation , the more secure thIs way quality, and second, to avoid unnecessary dIsputes arIse late on vehicle maintenance.

three-zone air conditioning for luxury brands such significance A6L models naturally very important. Its models to the driver’s ideas for the design of the different core services, thIs level models focus more on the back of the ride experience, talent, after all, sitting behind the driver’s seat Is the key to the decIsion to buy thIs Car. Convenient three-zone air conditioning for rear passengers independent control of temperature, but also makes the driver does not have to take Care of the rear passengers while dIstracted, enhance Car experience while also reducing security rIsks.


in the past three-zone air conditioning only in the luxury brand models, the Camry Will thIs configuration Exploration to leapfrog configuration can be described as high-class Cars. At a time when the seasons change, we have different needs for air temperature, three-zone air conditioning during thIs period Will play a greater role. Xiao Bian also suggested that you choose models equipped with three-zone air conditioning, the whole Car people can have a comfortable traveling environment, but also Will greatly enhance the travel experience.