New car repair shop services: to car playing bottle to remove carbon deposits, really work?

people sick playing bottle Is a common method of treatment, easy operation, quick Is hIs characterIstic, and when the Car because the coke piled up, asthma symptoms occur, maintenance of the master Will usually recommend that you give your Car playing bottle! So playing bottle to the Car in such a way it really clear to coke?

playing bottle remove Carbon deposits

One: What Is the Car of coke

to of the Automobile engine, certain components Will condense gasoline to coke, which coke Will form a piled material Is similar to the black slag Is called coke, coke Will stick near the top of the pIston rod and the valve exhaust intake manifold a throttle nozzle and other parts, it Will affect the normal operation of the engine when the combustion Is attached, the use of low quality fuel and often the driving road congestion, then the product Will intensify charcoal accumulation!


Two: what impact Carbon Cars Will bring

Car coke piled up easily lead to the emergence of various driving your Car problems, such as difficulty in starting cool Car ignition unstable idle, low knocking cylinder when high speed, low speed acceleration has the sound of a vehicle accelerating weakness, overtaking struggling, excessive exhaust pungent odor, increased fuel consumption, even the constant speed Is still very cost oil, Carbon look so stubborn, but also harm so many, so it can really playing bottle clean ?

engine deposits

Three: What Is playing bottle remove Carbon deposits

repairman to Automotive vehicle Will first input port and the intake pipe when playing bottle chemical cleaning agents, and the Car, generally half of engine operation after hours Will shake violently, thIs time to turn off the engine cleaning done, thIs cleaning agent itself Is capable of burning, but also can play degreasing, the purpose of the removal of some coke, Is Why playing bottle can remove Carbon deposits!

bottle clean Carbon deposits

Four: playing bottle really be able to remove Carbon deposits do?

but playing bottle can clean the inlet in the coke, coke clear effect on the throttle and the pIston at the top Is not very good, the sludge coke combustion chamber of the engine Is left over many years of work, which Will coke sludge adheres firmly to the cylinder wall of the combustion chamber, these parts of the coke during engine overhaul requires repairman washable down, Careful cleaning Is not possible to simply hit the bottle with the way you can completely clean, so go to the repair shop playing bottle to clean Carbon way, and not completely clean the Carbon deposits, such as severe coking time , it Is difficult to remove.

Carbon impact brought about


here to remind you to clean up Carbon deposits during the time, according to their economic situation to a moderate choice, and we drove to 60,000 km when you can be thoroughly cleaned of soot, do Do not over after maintenance, if you do not have time to go to the repair shop or 4S shop to clean parts, it Is recommended that you use several times cleaner fuel additives remove Carbon deposits, then the long-term conservation-type fuel additive to inhibit the production of coke.