New car paint conservation of the most easily overlooked three big problems!

new Car wax especially when open Is particularly important especially important particularly important, something important to say three times to open the wax Is not easy, step by Careful ruined one. Lose that shine under the stars shine! Automobile manufacturers Will be coated with a protective wax on the paint surface in front of the Car factory, which contains a paraffin wax body, and a resin material such as Teflon, can be maintained for one year corrosion protection body. ThIs wax layer Is preferably not removed wipe with gasoline or kerosene, should be selected such as triethanolamine oleate, fatty acid methyl ester ethoxylate or wax. Because gasoline kerosene penetrating too, solubility too! Believe it Will penetrate to the inner layer of paint, so paint Will have an impact in the future, such as aging, blIstering, peeling paint!

In normal use of the vehicle, and the vehicle body waxing sealing glaze paint gray often also important to drop Ha! The first effect of waxing waterproof, acid rain, the protective wax, the amount of water droplets Will reduce the adhesion of the vehicle body. Glaze sealing wax film as a rain umbrella as to prevent the metal particles from entering the air and paint to form a cell (that Is, a battery, but it Will plunder body sheet metal electrons, so that the body rust) Description waxing Is also very important, ha!

1, preferably not washing the roadside stalls. Some owners believe that a roadside store Car wash, Car wash and specialty shops are not very different. ThIs Is not so, because the street shops with cheap detergents are usually highly alkaline, alkaline solvent decontamination effect of course Is NO.1, but the Car did not have to say corrosion (back to the molecular level things), and the water used Is not necessarily a clean (a lot of water Is recycled, water for a long time have not adequately addressed, the water Is strongly alkaline, very harmful to the body), although you can also make the body clean, but the damage the paint of the Car Is great. Reminded about if not particularly dirty, wash with water, it should be washed away with a mild cleaning solution to wash.

2, rainy days do not wash do not think the

now urban air pollution Is very serious, frequent rain, but Nick about acid rain, corrosive effect on the body that not to say the (acid rain, I do not believe that, although the book Is not so serious, but also showed weak acid, just a little acidity of the body we have no benefits!), so owners do not think rainy days you can not be lazy Car wash, and I think that rainy day Is a waste of washing and dirty, with no meaningTo thIs question, in fact, just the opposite, require Careful cleaning of the vehicle after a rainy day.