Nanning Porsche rear-end tragically, thousands of BMW owners refuse to pay maintenance fees! finally……

930 Reporters learned that one case recently Jiangnan DIstrict People’s Court, the BMW owners Luk rear-ended a Porsche, because of negligence, failure to make timely renewal in the commercial insurance expired, Ms. Lu we can only own money ……

BMW rear-end Porsche

at 18 o’clock on October 5th, 2019, just every Friday rush hour, near Nanning people driving a BMW Luk reaching Gangnam Pak Sha Road Lung Cheung Court, due to the failure to safe driving practices, keep a safe dIstance between vehicles, the rear-end in front of a Porsche, resulting in two vehicles damaged.

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by the traffic police department, Luk BMW owners to assume full responsibility for the accident , Porsche owners Zhang does not assume responsibility for the accident.

thousands of BMW owners refuse to pay maintenance fees

after the accident, the two sides sent to third-party Auto repair shop maintenance and repair shop for repairs preliminary estimates at least 15,000 yuan, Luk think too expensive, refused to pay.

Zhang Porsche owners only reluctantly to the vehicle center Nanning 4S Porsche repair shop. eventually produce 28,000 yuan repairs.

BMW underwriting insurance company to pay high insurance in accordance with the scope of liability to pay high insurance, Porsche owners Zhang to pay 2,000 yuan. However, because BMW owners Luk in commercial insurance Is not timely renewal expired , the insurance company refused payment remaining maintenance costs.

The Porsche owners BMW owners to court

compensation in a number of unsuccessful negotiations with Luk under the circumstances, Porsche owners Zhang in May 2020 a paper petition to BMWLuk main court, claim for compensation Luk Auto repair costs and travel expenses, lost income, fees totaling more than 28,000 yuan.

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2020 July 24, the case in Jiangnan DIstrict economic and technological Development Zone people’s Court scheduled court hearing.

final BMW owners Willing to compensate 26,000 yuan

trial, after a court investigation, court debate, the parties final statement and other sectors, the court finds the facts of the case. After a reasonable interpretation of the Full Court, Porsche owners are Willing to give up recourse Zhang lost income and travel expenses, and BMW owners Luk also said in court Willing to compensate 26,000 yuan maintenance costs.

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In the end, the case to mediate the two sides ended a six-month-long dIspute with the dIspute.

The judge was said

In thIs case, if BMW owners Luk in commercial insurance expired after the vehicle , timely renewal, you can reduce or avoid unnecessary losses.

The judge also remind owners: should pay attention to the insured vehicle in a timely manner the insured to pay high insurance and commercial insurance for their Car. During driving, the driver should regulate driving, civilized driving, driving safety, reduce traffic accidents from the source.

Reporter: Lei Jun correspondent: Pei Yonglin, Chong Wei Ye