Moving car suddenly blew up! 4S repair shop do not give, because the car was actually lent a friend!

Cars may not become our lack of means of transport for us to buy food, send their children to work, travel tourIsm Is a good choice, more and more friends to buy a Car to meet their own needs, Car Will also appear thIs kind of small problems and failures in the use of the process, thIs time we need to open to the 4S shop repair, as long as we had no Car warranty, usually they Will give us repaired, but some time ago, I friends Car failure, but not the case 4S shop repair! In the end Is how not to fix it?

Some time ago, my friend while driving, the Car suddenly stopped on a bang, hurried down View Car, I saw a Car following the flow of oil, the view through the dIscovery engine actually blew up, he was a Kia Car, due bought all rIsks, so a telephone call to the insurance company, the insurance company with half an hour waiting a master view, the view through the insurance company Is not compensable because it Is the quality of the Car. There are also just bought a new Car six months, so the next call to the 4S shop, and soon came the trailer the Car towed away, then promIse to my friend need to replace the engine, you need more than two months time, the other must pay a portion of the manual costs, as long as the friend promIsed to fix, manual fee to say, then went home and other News.

A week later 4S call the friend to go and that was when a friend thought has been repaired, the results arrived, sale and says hIs Car can not be repaired, friends at that time, irritated, I asked Why can not repair after-sales, after-sales said, but you tripartite engine repair shop moved, we reserve the right not to repair, when a friend stupefied, where hIs Car repaired in other places, including small knock a small touch are in the 4S shop repair, even if there are big problems but also insurance companies deal with, ah, not to mention no ah. The next sale pointed to the place under the engine repaired, and also the look of fog friend, after a sale to remind friends think of it, before hIs Car was borrowed from a friend walked hurriedly call a friend, a case after hIs friend over there prevarication that he did not repair hIs cousin had also used the Car, finally learned of hIs friend’s cousin, while driving Car accidentally hit a stone on the road bottom of the engine, resulting in oil spills, naturalAfter their own repair shop to secretly do a weld repair, so the 4S shop can repair it clear that it needs to pay all costs incurred, but friends say that I’m not going out of money, so hIs friends and hIs cousin come out, but the two personal economic conditions are poor can not afford the cost of replacing the engine, since a friend’s Car 4S shop stood still, it made extremely friend headache, talks are still in!

From thIs we can see, 4S shop to repair Is not reasonable, but eventually stumped my friend himself, and now he Is very sorry the Car checked out, and then said that from now on Will not borrow the Car to someone else!