Movie “car repair station” and “Tootsie’s Diary”

today and we talk a Korean black humor comedy “Car repair station”, and then recommend a recent reputation watercress movie “Tootsie’s diary.”

tells the story of a husband and wife runs a small foreign Car repair station next to a country road, near the town large repair companies face competition and town exclusion of people, it Is difficult to survive, because the nails fall out of the truck near the site, resulting in passing a flat tire, tasted the taste of money for a long time by night killed in road sprinkled with nails and increase maintenance costs, triggered a series of difficult unexpected accident …

slaughter Is the boss of a small Car repair stations, tire repair by passing vehicles to earn a living. Because driving a truck near the site of lead can not run he came to the site looking for representatives to negotiate, but was relentless drive away. Grouchy long slaughter on the roads inadvertently encounter a flat tire after repair help, Jae long nails found scattered on the road, dropping the truck site of nails leads past a flat tire.

business arIsing therefrom, so long slaughter tasted the taste of money, he decided to use thIs method to attract business. Jae long night of behavior by hIs wife Shun Ying found along the BritIsh do not agree thIs, but a picture of the money she was delighted.

one day come to the site on behalf of Tire, on behalf of the dress looked, Shun Ying envy. Dialogue on behalf of the BritIsh Heshun hurt Shun Ying heart. Shun Ying active at night, accompanied by the slaughter spreading long nails. Shun Ying Q: Why go so far. Jae long answer: there Is downhill, they might be any death. Jae could see for a long time just for the money.

However, the town boss of the text that Will soon kill a long time to pay off the debt, then secretly monitor heart doubt the couple dIscovered the secret. Wen boss has a crush on Shun Ying to no avail, I decided to use it to threaten Shun Ying. In the interests of the face, along the BritIsh gave up their dignity succumb text boss.

on the other side, the child on behalf of more than B was kidnapped and found holiday slaughter a long time and representatives, they arrested Jae long during the investigation of the police, the thought that the secret exposed triggered a false alarm. The slaughter came home in shock for a long time, suddenly the road in a Car accident. Jae long anxiousBusy trying to go nails pulled out, the Car down the chief of the county town on the highway, near the Car when the long slaughter chief hurried escape. He found that the chief criminals are kidnapping more than B, which made him a hero.

thus thought things changed for the better on the occasion, buy a small shop of slaughter long frequented Amy had an accident, Jae long beat yourself up. Then Wen boss came up to hIs own home tie their tires. Jae long recall hIs wife asked him, knew hIs secret has long been exposed. Like crazy at home he wants to tear up the bill, but hIs wife stopped. Couples struggling together when Jae said to hIs wife: We are in the end still people ah. Wife back: people? Really funny. Watching the situation, Jae long cried incessantly.

night long run to slaughter the road you want to unplug the nails, but nails on the road as hIs life as being firmly embedded in the ground longer not pull out.

film with no reversal ups on the plot, but naked to show the most true humanity to the audience. Driven by interests, although Jae long a conscience, but hIs life Is like nails on the road thIs slowly embedded underground, deeper and deeper.