Most burn four major car maintenance project! Do not be fooled novice can: spend money also destroyed the car!

most burn four major Car maintenance project! Do not be fooled novice can: spend money also destroyed the Car!

for all Car owners, Car maintenance Is a very great thing money and energy consumption, in order to save a lot of people take the Car to the 4S shop to be a maintenance package, and 4S shop for profit Will also introduce a number of maintenance projects, but a lot of very expensive maintenance projects, the effect Is like a general, even the Car Is not good, especially these, the most worthy of support money-losing four major Car maintenance project! Do not be fooled novice can: “spent the money also destroyed Car”!

First, air cleaning. 4S shop Is often the name of the slogan to breathe healthy air cleaning Is recommended Car owners do. Air conditioning also does not clean the accumulation of dirt and bacteria, easy to let passengers get sick, and air conditioning for a long time without cleaning can not help but have serious odor. So many owners are happy, however 4S shop approach Is to clean air cleaner air conditioning air intakes in front of Pen Pen, and then open to allow air circulation outside the circle get away with it, a little cleaning agent would receive two or three hundred, very burn.

Second, tire maintenance. 4S shop for maintenance of the tires but Is clean cleaning, waxing play, to make it look like new. However, as a Car tire consumables, thIs Is not a clean hit waxing can extend the type of durability and longevity, so that there Is no need maintenance, but may affect tire friction, lead to skidding Car accident while traveling causing damage to the Car.

Third, depth engine maintenance. Say what depth maintenance, dust Is actually clear the engine, and then add the cleaning agent through the intake pipe into the engine, and then let the engine idling for a cleaning agent to clean Carbon deposits in the engine and clogging effect so-so, one would receive several hundred, many owners see the name of the maintenance project, a re-think of the importance of the engine, it could easily be fooled.

Fourth, clean oil. ThIs would have been a more important maintenance projects, and the price Is relatively high. Many 4S stores seize on thIs, customers do constant flicker cleaning oilMaintenance, if you refuse, you Will immediately say with clean oil Will become more and more Automobile fuel consumption, let the Car power down, idling difficult, or even shorten the life of the engine. Many owners a sense, he Is still doing a put. But oil Is not so easy to clogging, generally three to forty thousand kilometers to be done once, unless you use poor-quality gasoline every day, if you frequently clean up the oil would give the exhaust pipe on the TWC damage.

so we go 4S shop must pay attention to these four large burn Car Care items, do not even spend money also destroyed the Car, especially 3 and No. 4 maintenance projects, they should just clean up Carbon deposits several hundred, in fact, the owner can be finIshed at home do it yourself, but also cheaper and simpler to use fuel treasure can do the same effect, a support fuel treasure only ten dollars each way to add a fuel tank treasure refueling, cleaning ingredients it contains can follow the flow of gasoline, oil and coke cleaning the engine, allow the engine to get rid of the burden of a Car’s fuel consumption decreased significantly, and lubricate the engine, extending engine life, prevent damage to the engine Carbon deposits, compared to the 4S shop maintenance which was also destroyed Cars burn even spend the money to do flicker, more cost-effective than their own hands.