More than 90,000 kilometers of BMW to plant maintenance, replacement of the master machine feet and the engine spark plug!

Some time ago, on a BMW Auto repair master was more of a maintenance project 525. Master mainly replaced the BMW oil, filters, air filters, spark plugs, fuel filter and the machine feet of the engine and the like. Routine maintenance Is relatively simple, we all know, thIs Is primarily through a group of maintenance pictures, look at the process of replacing the master spark plugs, fuel filter and the engine’s feet!

ThIs Is a BMW five series sedan, the owner would have to garages primarily for maintenance, which Is the replacement of oil, filters, spark plugs, fuel filter and so on. However, the master during maintenance of the engine, the engine idle when the owners reactions always shake, check the master machine feet only to find that the engine problems, need to be replaced, the owner finally agreed to replace! Is shown below the BMW mileage has reached more than 90,000 kilometers!

aftermarket master at the same time put the old oil, the fuel filter Is also to be changed. The arrow shown in FIG fuel filter Is, the master has to remove one end of the tubing. Master introduced, in order to remove such a fuel filter, you need to first pick out the red clamp, then dIsconnect the tube on it!

FIG lower, which Is removed to the fuel filter. We can see that there Is an arrow above fuel filter, oil’s direction Is marked, from the back! After

Automotive fuel filter for a master, starts changing the spark plug. Required twenty thousand km replace, but the Car’s spark plug since the last replacement of mileage, has more than thirty thousand kilometers! Shown below, the master Automotive spark plug has to be removed, which Is a comparIson of the old and new spark plugs. The left Is the old spark plug, the right Is the new spark plugs! While the old spark plug also do not see a particularly serious problem, but it needs to be replaced! After

aftermarket master to do simple repairs, maintenance more difficult to start work, which Is to replace the engine machine feet! First master wore engine and gearbox with a backwater, so there Is no pressure between the engine and the machine feet, and then fixed to the machine feet unscrew a bolt! Position of the legs Is to position the lower arrow shown in FIG!

The feet of the engine Is more difficult to dIsmantle, because it Is relatively hidden position. Automotive master with a lot of effort and only then the foot unit to split down the engine, a sub-machine stand shown below, Is fixed to the machine feet on top of it! After the orange area Is shown in broken machine feet above the shelf traces, under normal circumstances, they are not in contact!

FIG lower, which Is removed to the master machine feet Automotive engine! After the contact with the rubber on the shelf as shown in FIG green region, Will produce marks! When they come in contact, machine feet can not play the role of a shock absorber, the engine Will appear jitter, while the steering wheel Will appear shake!

FIG indicated by an arrow, the garage has the new master to the foot of the machine Is mounted to the vehicle! Machine feet of the engine, the engine Is fixed to the top end, the other end Is fixed to the sub-frame above! After

aftermarket master these work well, start the engine examination, everything Is normal! ThIs Is the master of aftermarket repair process, we can find out the owner of thIs process! I hope thIs process can help us owners!