Modern action was brought glory Wuling V rear-end users: the possible impact beam broke off

When it comes to Korean Cars, people familiar with the brand Is Hyundai and Kia, and some other Korean-brand’s reputation has gradually dIsappeared in the vast sea. Early on, the first Korean Cars Is to imitate the Japanese Car brand, just now, there are a lot of Korean Cars and Japanese Cars of the same features, such as are fuel-efficient Car, but the appearance looks like a whole family of. But overall engine technology and overall performance as good as Japanese Cars, plus the flagship brand on the market dIstribution Is small, the rIse of domestic Car sales also threatened. In the Automotive industry, concerned about the Car’s friend should have learned that Japanese Cars are often ridicule the “thin filling large” model, and Korean Cars are also thought so. In recent days, there Is a dynamic modern collar owners on the Internet to share with the rear-end accidents, and with the text said: After thIs quality are so ashamed Car driver.

The collar moving vehicle owners and friends who said, “on Sunday, when going out at night, a little drizzle in the evening to send to friends back home, just to get into when the cell deceleration to stop going to turn, and thIs time the tail came a bang, after being rear-ended a Car to, when traffic on the road there are some, but not many, I suspect that the truck driver to play a mobile phone, dIstraction was caused. “

owners get off to view the situation saw little damage to their modern collar moving, tail not see signs of a little damaged, scraped paint Is a little off the right side of the bumper shell, modern collar move was forced to shoot down the owners restored. After Car rear-end Is a V Wuling glory, glory Wuling V Car but rather damaged a large number, license plate behind the bumper there Is a clear cracking. Modern collar move the owners said, “I took a hard look was restored, the other all right, the quality was okay, back Wuling God of Car owners said did not expect the Korean Cars are so resIstant to the.”

for thIs accident, that someone jokingly quipped, “God Wuling Car but not so easy to lose, the owner dare to look at it apart bumper, rear bumper beam may break apart broken. “Some friends said,” the owner Is simple and crude, a direct shot into the bin, saving time and effort. “” Haha, okay quality, Korean Cars Is so convenient. “

The author comments: I personally feel that modern collar open even after moving bumper, interior parts should be no damage, impact beams should be all right. The accident location Is in bumper cracking buckle to go, but I still recommend suffered a rear-end accident after going to the repair shop or look after the Car anyway, but also full responsibility Well, if take into account not tight, or there are other junction cracking damage, after the bumper fell off on the way to an embarrassing position. In addition, users’ comments are “okay quality”, “safety first” and so on, even if thIs accident brought modern move clear victory nor a netizen think of Korean Cars Is rugged and resIstant to modern collar moving repairer, see to netizens for the impression of Korean Cars Is not rugged vehicle, unlike the law, the US Department. Do you think Korean Cars are rugged models do? Welcome in the comments area I have your answer.