Model 3 was blown God’s good? 5000 Secret of the four owners of the truth

Model 3 Tesla Is a product launch to date of all Cars in the most significant mIssion, because the price was relatively (relatively!) low, so also shoulder the leadership of Tesla into the mass market, the entire company to achieve profitability task.

now, Model 3 to complete the task quite well, not only occupy the position of the US electric Car sales charts boss, also on the European market despots everywhere beat a lot of electric Cars opponents, the European market BMW i3, NIssan Leaf, a pure electric version of the VW Golf Model 3 has been left far behind.

In Model 3 start global epidemic occasion, Bloomberg nearly 5000 Model 3 owners conducted a comprehensive investigation, these owners would Model quality, reliability, performance 3, Autopilot It Is not easy, and Tesla customer service and service charge are not convenient expressed their views.

on the quality and reliability of Model 3, almost more than half of owners said they were very satIsfied. On the other hand, customer service has become one of the biggest obstacles to the success of Tesla.

The interesting thing Is, Bloomberg found owners for the Tesla experience full of “paradox”, for example, hundreds of Model 3 owners have encountered dangerous mIsuse Autopilot bad experience. Overall evaluation

Even so, those who reported Autopilot shortcomings owners who Will eventually give the system high, 90% of owners believe Autopilot help them improve traffic safety sex.

Bloomberg report Is divided into vehicle quality and reliability, customer service and charging services, Autopilot, market evolution of the four sections.

wherein the first portion of the focus quality improvement, Tucao most problems, owners of Model 3 Evaluation of the overall quality and reliability. The second section dIscusses the owner of the customer serviceAnd charging services are satIsfied, they Will choose what kind of maintenance mode. The other two portions respectively dIscussed Autopilot safety and usefulness of Smart Summon the problem, and what factors influence the owners chose the Model 3.

Bloomberg report, there are a lot of statIstical analysIs charts and dIscussion, as well as many interesting cases, dry very much.

without changing the intent of the article, the Car thing these four reports were integrated compilation (the compilation process Is slightly cut), take you read an article reporting the most interesting content.

First, the quality & reliability: paint and panel gaps are most complained about Issue

Since 2019, Tesla product line-up in the best-selling Model 3 sedan has sold more than 350,000 units. However, due to Model 3 just lIsted, Tesla almost all the energy Is concentrated at the top to improve productivity, the quality Is not so particular about, so many Cars had defects in the factory when.

Tesla produced the world’s best Car, or the worst Car? From different objects there, you might get the opposite answer.

Bloomberg conducted on Automotive quality and reliability Model 3 of the survey, results are presented as the defect rate, the owner complained of the problem, the overall quality and reliability of the evaluation, design and owner of the Car 5 specific part of the evaluation of the performance, the owner of the Car evaluation function.

1, 2020. In February, the quality of the performance of Model 3 worst

Bloomberg owners to Model 3 of they asked whether the Car has suffered quality problems within 30 days of purchase, owners were asked to put their problems into “small problems” (below white tiles) and the “big Issues” (below blue tiles) two categories,

Model 3 defect rate in the third quarter of 2019 reached a peak: Model 3 per 100 there sold in 80Defects. At that time, Tesla had just set up a new assembly line, and to enhance the production of Model 3 Car three times.

situation from a single month, in February of thIs year’s report Is the most defects, Model 3 sold an average of 101 problems per 100 exIst station.

but on the overall trend, then, in January 2019 to 2020 September, Model defect rate 3 (average case per 100 Cars of problems) in over time reduced, indicating that Model 3 overall quality Is improving.

data show that in September 2020 Model 3 defect rate reached a record low: there Is an average of 35 problems per 100 vehicles.

▲ case of Car owners reported an average of 100 units Model 3 problems within 30 days

2, paint and panel gaps are most complained about Issue

owners said they might find Model 3 in exterior, interior, electronic devices in the Car within 30 days, drive system, and the presence of defects on the brake chassIs. Among them, spray painting and panel gaps are most complained about Issue.

▲ owners encounter four types of major quality problems

3, Model 3 overall very satIsfied with the quality and reliability of the owner more than 50%

that there Is a Bloomberg News survey of Tesla’s only limitation that no investigation of Tesla and old Cars manufacturers Will do the comparIson. Fortunately Tesla key Issues can be found by Bloomberg News survey of lies, and found that these problems occur track what changes over time.

Subsequently, Bloomberg asked him to talk about the views of the respondents were of the Model 3 overall quality and reliability, and overall reliability score based on each commenter given to Model 3 the answer was on the wholeLi, from the chart to see, satIsfactory opinion has the absolute advantage of the owners.

on the quality and reliability of Model 3, almost more than half of owners said they were very satIsfied (bottom dark blue color). In addition, some satIsfaction (bottom light blue color) and Is neutral (figure below pale yellow color) of the number of owners Is not very different, only a small part of the owners feel somewhat dIssatIsfied or very dIssatIsfied.

▲ owners of Model 3 overall quality and reliability of the evaluation

Although the Car was originally flawed, but owners or their Cars much appreciated, in the Bloomberg survey, thIs paradox appears more than once.

4,99.6% Model 3 owners that allow them to experience the driving pleasure

in the “Design and Performance on performance “, owners feedback on 10 specific Issues are more positive.

to answer thIs question among people, almost all of them agree that Model 3 offers a lot of fun to drive (dark blue color represents a very satIsfied, somewhat satIsfied with the light blue represents the color).

According to the Bloomberg survey, about 99.6% of the respondents agreed that, Model 3 reflects a kind of driving pleasure, which Is the consensus on the other consumer rarely reached.

Nine additional problems: battery life, interior, exterior, brakes, seats, storage space, the air conditioning system, the driving field of view, interior materials, Model 3 has also been a higher rating (look blue, large).

▲ owner of the Car design and performance evaluation of the

5,90.6% expressed owners OTA updates are very satIsfied

in view of the function of the Car, the owner of 90.6% of Model 3 for OTA (over-the-air) updateVery satIsfied (dark blue color figure below). In addition, the touch-screen mode, sound system, maps and instructions, keyless start, the phone app, radio and music, Sentinel mode security has more than half of owners very satIsfied.

▲ owners of evaluation of Automotive functions of the

At the same time, Bloomberg also asked the owners to the core functions of the Car and view some additional features, found that “beach Car racing” (Beach Buggy racing) still the most popular video games. In addition there are some owners expressed dIssatIsfaction with the limited language instruction function Model 3 and the Automatic wiper function, Musk has promIsed to improve these features thIs month.

Second, service & charging: After production capacity, but also for Tesla Repairs to worry about

Model 3 Tesla owners of customer service and charging service , what attitude? Bloomberg also conducted a survey on thIs Issue.

1. Overall, owners are increasingly dIssatIsfied with the customer service

confusing customers services Zeng, CEO Musk feel the pressure. Although some high complaint rate Issue has been resolved, such as the owners wait for replacement parts to reduce the time, in addition to improved production process also reduces the number of Cars in need of repair.

until early next year, Tesla Will become the world’s first sales of 100 million units of electric vehicles OEMs. There are owners said, the service Is also very difficult to get attention in the last year Tesla’s customers, but thIs type of situation Is slowly improving.

However, according to the survey, at present, enhance customer service levels also belong to an unfinIshed task Tesla at hand.

▲ owners of customer service evaluation

Overall, the owners of customer service Is increasingly the more dIssatIsfied. In the third quarter of 2020, about 21.1% of the owners said the timeliness of service are not satIsfied, while 20% of the owners that the initial repair not doingnot enough.

in a Bloomberg opinion, customer service Is indeed one of the biggest obstacles to constitute thIs new Car’s success, just think about the old new Car manufacturers and Car manufacturers such as Ford, the gap between know.

Ford dealers in the United States about 5000, in addition to thousands of Ford pickups and SUV repair has experienced Car mechanic. Tesla currently only 413 stores and service centers worldwide, while most inexperienced mechanic to repair electric vehicles. There may be on-call rescue service for them Is necessary.

2, Tesla has launched a wide range of services in the form of about 84% of the owners expressed great satIsfaction with home repair

to ease the pressure repairs, Tesla has launched a variety of forms of customer service, while the owners were divided on these evaluations.

▲ evaluation of different owners of different forms of service

Tesla has deployed hundreds of vehicles’ movement services “(Mobile service) vehicles, provide on-site maintenance services for Tesla Car owners, about 84% of the owners were very satIsfied with the service.

In addition Tesla thIs year through the phone app, make reservations and tracking services possible. But on the other hand, it Is bad News for Tesla phone and e-mail more traditional interactive way to get customer feedback very bad.

3, the buying process fun? 74.8% of the owners gave an affirmative answer

at a substantial cost-cutting actions earlier thIs year, Musk said Tesla to cancel stores, and plans to sell all the Cars transferred to the internet. But in the end, under strong opposition from customers and investors, he made concessions that the majority of Tesla’s stores to continue operating.

Bloomberg News survey, Musk choose to change Is a good thing.

Compared to buying a Car through traditional dealers, 74.8% of people reported that they were very satIsfied (bottom dark blue color) of the purchase process, 15.2 percent said somewhat satIsfied (light blue figure below color patches). According to Bloomberg reports, Tesla stores not only have a high degree of satIsfaction, but almost 72 percent of buyers said they would buy a Car before, first shop around.

evaluation of the buying process ▲ owners of

In addition, owners of Tesla stores and service centers satIsfaction vary. Among them, new customers in Europe and Asia and customers in North America compared to more number of people are not satIsfied with the degree. In addition, compared with the traditional sales methods, Tesla Is not counter-offer strategy has been recognized, although owners also said that the process of Tesla delivered Cars very confusing, need to continue to improve.

4, where to repair? Most owners choose to send service center

If you reduce the number of customer service vIsit Is Tesla’s goal, then the company Is succeeding – at least on the Car repair initially it has the drawback Is concerned, for thIs situation, largely due to improved production quality Tesla.

Meanwhile, in the Model 3 to the service center or choose on the Issue of “mobile service” Car, the majority of owners (the figure below white tile) would choose to a service center for repair .

▲ owners Will choose different maintenance mode

5, the dIspensing part in Tesla flexible than previously

Tesla most dIssatIsfied drivers who experienced the crashes. Musk had earlier pleaded, Tesla made a strategic mIstake in the past, there Is no storage service components in Tesla service centers, even the common parts in the past Is stored in a dIstribution warehouse area which, it led to a wide range of delay.

Bloomberg reported the incident to the Model 3 388 vehiclesLord Carried out follow-up surveys, their responses show that Tesla has become more flexible in terms of dIstribution components. The number of days from the overall trend, the collIsion occurred after the owners have to wait for the number of replacement parts (below white tiles) days and hIs Car Is not available (bottom blue tiles) are on the decline.

▲ owners wait time required for replacement parts Is gradually reduced

6, wait 10 the number of vehicle owners a service subscription day did not fall by more than

from the beginning of last year, Tesla began to put more work to their own body repair mechanic operation . 14% of respondents said their Car collIsion repair work done by Tesla. But now there Is a room for improvement, namely owners into the waiting time required for the service center. since

2019, owners of time spent on waiting for the success of the service did not fall by appointment, to the third quarter of 2020, already 33.3% of respondents said they It takes 10 days or longer (below orange color) to make an appointment to succeed.

▲ owners need to wait more than 10 days to be served reservation

7, about 90% of owners feel satIsfied with the service charge but the owners do not think Canada line

rapid growth has given way Tesla became a household name, but to make electric Cars truly universal, we must let the mainstream Car buyers must believe that, at least for electric vehicle charging and filling the tank Is as easy.

Tesla Is charging to improve the efficiency of Automobiles, and further expand its network of super-charging pile, currently the company has deployed at least 1636 super charging pile.

Overall, Mdoel 3 owners coverage of the Tesla super-charge pile (Supercharger), price, charging speed Is quite satIsfactory, it Is covered in terms of range, very satIsfactory opinion (underFigure deep blue color) accounted for 68.9%, the views of some satIsfaction (bottom light blue color) accounted for 20.6%, neutral advice accounted for 7.4%.

▲ owners evaluation of charging services

while the Bloomberg survey shows that people satIsfaction charging service with different place of residence and place of charging and showing a difference. Those most of the time at home or work to complete vehicle charging people – thIs option Is a long charging time but also convenient enough – people than those who rely on Tesla super-charging pile much happier.

daily charge driver appears that those who rely on public charging facilities, provide enough to support high-speed driving three hours, although in the case of an ordinary super charging post can be charged in less than 30 minutes power, but thIs Is not convenient enough, they can be difficult to find a place in the choice of charging the Car parked in the street of the time.

▲ Canadian owners said Tesla service charge Is not OK

Tesla’s home in California , charging station density Is the highest. From a regional perspective, Tesla owners from Canada thIs most unhappy, Musk over the years has been committed to the completion of a cross-border network of super-charging post in Canada. Tesla website above a map dIsplay, there Is a long lIst Is marked as “open soon” charging station deployment in Canada.

In addition, the topic of battery life Is all electric Car drivers of common concern, especially for those who depend on full power in the course of long-dIstance driving for electric Car drivers.

survey, each driving 10,000 miles (16,000 km) of 3 Tesla Model charge capacity does not exceed 1% decrease, compared to the previous generation NIssan Leaf decay rate more than three times the battery faster.

Third, 90% of the Autopilot Model 3 owners that make them more secure

ThIs seems to be a terrible moment, it seems Tesla Autopilot software wrong case of Car traveling at high speed. becauseAccording to a statement from the Florida driver’s driving when he was in Model 3, it has experienced a sudden braking caused by the Autopilot. But after a while, he found the Car in front suddenly pull out of the driveway, another parked Car appeared. Tesla sensor to detect impending danger and take action without human control of the situation, to avoid a collIsion.

who came from Alabama owners have a completely different experience. At that time he was driving the Car at a steady speed of travel along the road, followed by a state trooper. The road ahead without any obstacles exIst, but too much emphasIs Autopilot sensor triggers the brake. Finally, relying on human response was blocked and police rear-end collIsion, the Model 3 owners to put hIs foot on the accelerator pedal, and successfully crossed Autopilot takes over the Car.

The above story Is collected in a Bloomberg survey 1600 cases on Autipilot software in two cases, after Musk, CEO of Tesla said that thIs electric Car the unmanned vehicle Will lead the world into a new era.

Autopilot Tesla currently offers two functions for the owner to choose, using the basic version standard, providing a lane Automatic steering and advanced cruIse control function. If you want to upgrade to owners of fully Autonomous Tesla (Full Self-Driving) function, an extra payment of $ 7,000 (about 49,000 yuan), Will Auto upgrade Houtesila regularly update the software, the the company promIses Will eventually allow Cars to drive themselves.

Bloomberg on Issues Autopilot, and the owners of the Model 3 was investigated.

1, respondents in over 90% believe Autopilot improve driving safety

Bloomberg said, Over 90% of owners said the use of Autopilot makes them safer while driving – which also includes those who accused the software at the same time lead to dangerous respondents. from upMap view, all observations on Autopilot security holders are very satIsfied (dark blue color figure below) accounted for 61.1% of the views, expressed some satIsfaction Autopilot safety (light blue color figure below) accounted for 29% of comments . In addition, Bloomberg feedback received 702 copies of which 57.4% of the owners of the Autopilot said he was very satIsfied with (bottom dark blue color), 31.6% of people considered to be “somewhat satIsfied” (light blue color figure below).

▲ owners Autopilot evaluation of the safety of the

but Tesla Autopilot Is not Automatic driving the only way. Waymo– Google Alphabet subsidiary of the parent company – believe Tesla gradual transition to Automatic driving function of the driver may make the oversight functions of their Automotive systems complacent, thIs situation Is dangerous. More than a decade, Waymo use has been all-or-nothing approach: either let the Car drive itself, or to control the Car by a human, there Is no middle ground between the two paths.

Autopilot situation Is completely different, Tesla using the neural network computer needs a large number of real training data, the data collected from the Tesla where hIs user , all new Cars are equipped with a Tesla a version of Autopilot, Autopilot currently has about 2 billion miles (about 3.2 billion kilometers) of the data collected.

When Tesla hopes to add a new element in the Autopilot, a small part of it “early access” customers began to deploy, the data from these records under the Car be used to improve the new function, initially looks rough and unreliable upgrading new features can be implemented within a few weeks.

2, another paradox: Autopilot indeed flawed, but the overall good evaluation system

According to Bloomberg the survey, about 13 percent of the Model 3 owners said they had been in danger because of AutopilotAmong the 28% of owners said Autopilot helped them avoid danger.

▲ Model 3 about 13% of owners said they had put at rIsk because of Autopilot and

hundreds Model 3 has the name of the owner on Autopilot lead to dangerous experiences such as Car brakes suddenly like ghosts, Automotive steering or because of the danger on the road and can not stop. But even those who reported Autopilot shortcomings owners, but also give the system a high overall evaluation. As said earlier, such a “paradox” in the survey results are not uncommon.

Bloomberg requirements of owners surveyed on Autopilot and putting them at a dangerous situation, or help them avoid dangerous situations can not escape were originally described it.

▲ owners are given on Autopilot Review Is organized into eight categories

owners on Autopilot review given by Bloomberg finIshing eight categories, including: Tesla would like a ghost brakes, suddenly change direction or into the lane, improper travel speed, brake failure, to avoid the control of the steering wheel, emergency brake, driver alert program, and all other. The above figure, blue indicates a positive experience Autopilot system, Autopilot goose yellow indicates a bad experience, orange indicates when the owners a collIsion Autopilot function Is not active, you can see most of the owners of the Autopilot about the positive content.

3, 1732 the owners of the previous survey, 70% of the opinion that Smart Summon function Is useful

worth Note that, in an interview Tesla owners, some people think that Smart Summon the launch of Tesla goal towards the final Automatic driving a big step, but the current Smart Summon Is still in a “beta” of the state, the owners suggested that ifTesla Is not very experienced owners, then the use of thIs feature Is not safe enough.

Tesla officially launched thIs summer, Smart Summon function, which Is by far the most ambitious one Autopilot function. Tesla Tesla owners use the app on a smart phone, you can call their Car through a busy parking lot to the owners side.

In the absence of the driver’s case, their Cars can have the case of other vehicles and pedestrians, plan routes on their own and determine the direction, and the owner can at any time from the phone finger release the parking achieved.

Smart Summon function soon as available, relevant video Is full of social media – empty Tesla awkwardly across the parking lot of Wal-Mart and Costcos. Bloomberg News after the release week of the function of the optional Automatic driving Suite 1732 Model 3 the owners were follow-up survey, one of the owners of thIs function described as “learning has a license nervous teenager.”

among them, 70 percent of Tesla owners that Smart Summon Is a useful feature, and another 41% of the owners that thIs feature for the average driver Is enough.

▲ Bloomberg had on the 1732 owners optional Automatic driving kit were investigated

Smart Summon Is Tesla far the most articulate the path of its Autopilot. Parking for computer scene Is a tricky name.

there Is no hard and fast rules, so the Car often cross the road markings or traffic traveling in the wrong direction. Meanwhile obstacles abound: people, Cars, shopping Carts, baby Carriages. Need to have a deep understanding of human behavior, Smart Summon to work properly.

According to Musk in the third quarter earnings conference phone to say, within one month after the release of Smart Summon has been summoned more than a million times. the followingThe survey was collected from 800 owners for Smart Summon views.

800 Model 3 owners in that Smart Summon very useful and reliable (dark blue color), a useful but not reliable (light blue color), but also to no avail unreliable (pale yellow color) comments almost equal. There are also two owners said, Smart Summon function not play a role in the event of a collIsion.

▲ owner evaluation of Smart Summon the

IV, Model 3 of economy Car formation of the impact

in the latest survey report, Bloomberg presents Tesla Model 3 has a great impact to which Car brand, as well as factors affecting sales Tesla owners overall view of the Tesla and Musk.

1, BMW: Tesla Model 3 Is the most successful hurts me

Tesla Car has occupied the American luxury-class Cars market, it sold more than the sum of the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-class. At the same time it Is priced higher: Model 3 in the average selling price of $ 50,000 (about 350,000 yuan) or so, the price Is higher than the ranking of the top ten models of these buyers previously purchased. In the United States, no other Car can Bitesila create more revenue a.

Bloomberg on 5000 Model 3 owners had purchased the Car and whether they would buy back the case to find out about, surprIsingly, the most common model Is the dIscount transaction economy Car : such as the Honda Accord and Civic, Toyota Camry and Mazda 3. Meanwhile, the survey results show that the proportion of overall sales from the brand’s point of view, Tesla’s success Is the biggest impact for BMW.

▲ Model 3 owners previously owned Automobiles

before selling old Cars into Model 3, Toyota Prius, BMW 3 Series, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, NIssan Leaf, ChevroletBlue Volt, Toyota Camry, Mazda 3, the Audi A4 Is Tesla owners have the most models.

Car buyers to a certain extent Is predictable: they stick with a similar vehicle with their Car after driving. Brand loyalty even from generation to generation. But so far, Tesla has With the new technology, high performance and environmental sustainability appeal, broke them loyal.

The Silicon Valley Carmaker Is moving towards becoming the world’s first electric Car sold 1 million companies move in early next year. In order to maintain its leading position, Tesla must continue to attract consumers, not only to attract smaller battlefield from electric Cars and hybrid vehicles in the buyers also need to allow consumers to continue away from the tanker.

The following table shows the acceptance of previous owners surveyed use what type of Car, Bloomberg Will be classified as electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles (blue color) , luxury models (yellow color) and economic models (gray color).

▲ Model 3 previously owned Car type

survey showed that while Tesla grab from the hands of Toyota He walked up to the customer, but in fact, for Japanese Auto manufacturers, the matter has little effect. The reason Is that Toyota’s market share in the US Is huge – more than BMW or Audi 7 times more.

The following chart in different ways, the findings DIscount Exchange were consolidated: a brand affected sales compared with total US sales. The results show that BMW Is one of the most to lose Carmaker – which has more losses than the Mercedes-Benz almost five times.

One explanation Is that, although the two brands belong to competitors in the same price range, but for the two “luxury” Is defined differently. Mercedes-Benz’s goal Is comfort and quality, BMW Is defined by its driving performance. Comfort and quality Is difficult to measure; but in terms of performance, you need a driver to bring the Car to the road.

Motor Trend magazine’s editors for the BMW 3 Series and Model 3 were compared tests, they found that “Model 3 has been able to win thIs game, because it Is completely rewritten the rules of the compact sports Car.”

BBC’s Top Gear California Thunder mountain Speedway (Thunderhill Raceway Park) on the BMW M3 more expensive models and Model 3 tests were compared, thIs game Tesla to score two seconds faster than the BMW M3. The text on the cover of the magazine was almost screaming, “electric Car beat the oil tanker! Tesla Model 3 beat the BMW M3.”

▲ Model the impact of the BMW 3 pairs formed the largest

after the standardized conversion, BMW, Mini, Audi, Acura, Infiniti, Porsche, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz vulnerability index (the brand affected brand sales accounted for the total sales ratio) was 100%, 86.8%, 58.2%, 51.8%, 48.6%, 43.6%, 31.6% and 22.3%.

2, Model 3 Tesla owners constitute the backbone of the sales force

Tesla Is not in the ad the investment money, advertIsing on Facebook or Twitter, luxury magazine publicity, actor Matthew McConaughey paid endorsements, advertIsing on the Super Bowl, and all Tesla does not matter.

Tesla relied on gorgeous and swagger of product activity, tweets flow CEO elon Musk and word of mouth, has given Tesla with to excellent advertIsing effect.

▲ Model 3 Tesla owners are the backbone of the sales force

Model 3 owners constitutes a Tesla the backbone of the sales force, the owner of the 4591 Model 3, Model 3 almost 99% of owners said they would recommend a Tesla to a friend or family member – at the same timeThey already have a lot of people have Tesla Car. In the survey of more than a dozen follow-up telephone interviews, the Bloomberg spoke to each owners have described the situation with friends or family to test drive.

At the same time, about 55% of the respondents said they impact Musk view to a decIsion when to buy their own Car. Although thIs Is lower than that found in most of the Bloomberg survey score, but worthy of consideration Is a company’s CEO personally influenced the decIsion of buyers Is how unusual.

▲ factors Model 3 owners to purchase

The figure shows the effect of Tesla owners buy factors, and their owners to Tesla CEO Musk made a very positive evaluation, feedback parts in 4590, 98 per cent of owners said they held a positive attitude towards forward Tesla. There are also a lot of people said, Tesla promote the acceptance of electric vehicles, while creating an unusual friendship owners.

at the same time it can not be ignored Is that, even though most of the comments about Musk are positive, there are still some customers to Musk exhibited on Twitter combative attitude and he and US safety regulators, the Securities and Exchange CommIssion against the United States expressed concern.

In addition, Model 3 owners have opinions on the impact of government subsidies Is the most divIsive. In Norway, the government closed for gasoline-fueled vehicles to heavy taxes, more than 88 percent of respondents said subsidies affect their buying behavior. In Switzerland, the government has recently adopted an ambitious plan to increase the adoption of electric vehicles, but so far the government can not purchase subsidies and other incentives to reach an agreement. Gradually canceled after

on the US market for electric vehicles in the federal tax cuts, Will reach 20 million units in sales of a company. ThIs also means Tesla Will begin in January 2020, becoming the only US Car manufacturer customers are not US policy incentives.

▲ government incentives in different countries different effects

For Model 3 owners, Tesla Is another common complaint in the past year for the Model attachments 3 and done a lot of changes in pricing. The following chart shows how these products over time and evolution.

November 2019 to May 2020, Tesla went through a particularly chaotic process, after which gradually formed the difference between the three main models of Tesla its product line lineup seems to have thereby stabilized.

▲ Model product line lineup 3 has stabilized

In addition the whole, accepted by Bloomberg News survey of respondents can be said to be early technology adopters groups in miniature. In nearly 5000 Model 3 owners surveyed, about 95% were men, most of them between the ages of 30-50 years of age, income higher than the average income level.

▲ Model 3 owners age dIstribution

Conclusion: In addition to OTA upgrade, had done in Tesla aftermarket better

Although the Tesla’s success can not be fully replicated, but it can become the industry leader in a short time, also shows that there are still a lot of practice Is worth learning from.

From Bloomberg News survey of Tesla owners point of view, “user stickiness” Tesla Is a major cause of quality problems in the case of the still unabated, and behind thIs situation Is the electric Car Tesla own charm and superior performance in support.

In addition, being small congregation Car manufacturers shift to large OEMs Tesla, to explosive growth to continue, but also in terms of Automobile production technology, after-sales service continue to improve.