MINI also has a small steel gun, one hundred kilometers acceleration 6.1 seconds, priced at more than 400,000?

say that the Car Is a man’s favorite toy, for women are not interested in the Car, identified only with the appearance of the standard Car, it turned out the driver know the Car Is plenty of money, a lot of female Car owners for all there are high demands, such as following the female students.

three years ago, spent more than four hundred thousand, to buy imported Cars small Cars, MINI also despIse the ordinary, only the pursuit of thIs MINI JCW!

with female students borrowed thIs small steel gun to test drive experience something, more than four hundred thousand of the price, Why not choose the Audi Q5? Why not choose a BMW 330? ThIs small Car what Is the charm?

thIs Mini JCW wheelbase only 2495mm, length of only 3874mm, there may be the appearance of a unique sports package blessing, the overall shape Is very personal, the fence decorated with a red hood strip, the roof also has a strip of red circle, the front end of the intake grill blackened after processing, a Car so small, there are 17-inch wheels, sport style Is cute.

are two four-seater Car, the interior space Is very compact, general household Is definitely not enough, usually only for travel to work on the little girl.

According to the owner of the male point of view, inside thIs mini really “alternative”, more than four hundred thousand or parking brake instrument panel design Is unique, never seen in the control dIsplay also, the whole work with the material Is not worth the price ah! In the eyes of the girls can be not the case, thIs model Is quite consIstent with girl’s mind, every design Is full of personality.

moving the Car seat has a style, the material Is leather, hard plastic table does not affect the feel, surrounded by a layer of Carbon fiber material for decoration imitation, quality Is quite high.

The steering wheel shift paddles function, three-dimensional front end lenses showed the highest rIse, dashboard speed of 260km / h, Is not high technological sense.

thIs MINI JCW has opened 15,532 kilometers, the driver can not tell the specific short-term sense, but had to admire its power with control, urban roads already congested, thIs Car Is really small steel gun handy, with a turn to overtake are very flexible, driving feel absolutely comfortable than the Carts, the interior space can really affect its usefulness.

over four hundred thousand imported small Cars, since it can be sold for such a high price, body configuration certainly not bad. Mini JCW comes standard with a tire pressure monitoring, run-flat tires, cruIse control, keyless entry with start seats have heating function, the control screen with GPS navigation with Bluetooth connectivity, rear view mirror heating Is with anti-glare head function.

Car have more highlights are skylights with sound, such a small Car even has a panoramic sunroof, Harman Kardon stereo or, 7 in such a small speaker inside the Car enough shocked.

ThIs Is also addictive black alloy wheels, high-performance built-red calipers particularly to the force.

MINI JCW turbocharged engine equipped with a 2.0T, the maximum horsepower 231, the maximum torque of 320 Nm, matching 6AT gearbox hundred kilometers long 6.1 seconds, absolutely small steel gun, control Is more precIse than the BMW three-line, open up the Car Is really comfortable.

From a personal point of view, thIs small Car with power control Is perfect, but practicality Is really general, with the price of male owners Will definitely choose the three-line BMW or Mercedes-Benz C thIs class sedan, while the female owner for thIs little steel gun should have no resIstance to it?