Million high-quality car company Case: BMW engine maintenance 150,000 yuan maintenance expensive?

believe to buy a Car friends Will know, the Car as a daily consumables, more or less failed. In all faults, we say most worried about failure Is which? I believe most people would say Is engine failure. Engine as the vehicle power source, if there are problems, then it means that the Car’s “heart” stopped beating, therefore, has become the engine failure fault in most owners worry and fear of failure, no one at all. Now, please follow the pace million high-quality small series, let’s take a look at examples of the BMW engine maintenance.

Recently, the hotline received 400 million high a California BMW X6 owners warranty hotline, the owners said they were in the process of driving, when light throttle abnormal sound, it Is desirable to arrange its nearest million high-quality maintenance into the plant, then arrange their hotline 400 million high-quality access to the nearby star service outlets.

detected CommIssioner million high quality service, the vehicle Is a major cause of the failure of one crankshaft main the quality of the pad, which leads to a gap associated with the lubrication system abnormality severe wear member and the crankshaft bearings, pIstons, camshaft engine bush, the rocker arm ,, valve, hydraulic jack and the like.

As the vehicle purchased million high quality for intelligence products, fault mileage Is 2800KM, rigorous information reviewed, the vehicle fault Is within the million high-quality services contract range, agreed to free replacement machine maintenance program raIsed.

After the maintenance period, the vehicle intact. Subsequently, million high quality after-sales service commIssioner went to notify the owner vehicle inspection, the owner after Careful examination, after driving, expressed satIsfaction for the results of repair. ThIs time, the maintenance produced nearly 150,000 yuan maintenance costs are fully borne by the million high quality.

In fact, not a case of engine failure. Because U.S. has a vast Car environment changing, the way Car owners are not standardized, and some oil quality and many other factors of instability, causing the vehicle engine Is relatively easy failure. Event of a failure, the owner Is bound to be faced with a huge repair expenses. But if you bought a warranty for the Car, you areNo need to worry about any fees. Now, you also feel that the quality of the Car warranty service Is not necessary?

Car warranty service quality, long and seemingly unknown, but it Is a reliable Car for Care. Once the Car there Is a problem, as long as you are holding a million high-quality and service contracts, and in the range of vehicle breakdown service, you can enjoy million high quality to bring you the attentive service agreed upon. A contract today, tomorrow, capable of reaching the million gold, ten thousand high-quality, worthy of your trust!